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Auto Fluid Drain / Refill

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  • Auto Fluid Drain / Refill

    just a quick note to advise the newby on draining and replacing the automatic transmission fluidsin the pajero. you can not just undo the transmissions sump plug and drain out the fluid and re fill like you would do with an engine oil change, reason being most of the fluid is still inside the torque convertor and the cooler unit and hose lines. you Must do a full flush to correctly replace the auto fluid.
    the reason i have mentioned this is, a friend mentioned to me she just had new fluid put in her auto pajero and they only used approx 2 litres of fluid going by the bill. i asked her what was the total cost for this and the reply was $32 for the fluid and $40 for the labour. i said to her the so called mechanic only replaced approx 1/4 of the fluid and he should have known better when what came out of the sump [ 2 litres ]
    she mentioned he did say the fluid level did seem rather low. so be carefull who does your auto fluid service.
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