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swapping gen2 front axle to gen 3

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  • swapping gen2 front axle to gen 3

    Hi does anyone have any ideas

    I wish to put a gen 2 Front 4.9:1 diff into my gen 3.

    I realize that I would have to use the gen 3 axle supports and RH drive shaft with the super select clutch from my gen 3 (06 NP)

    Does anyone know if axle support bracket holes line up (passenger side) and of course if the inside axles are the same diameter(i'm assuming lengths are different) .I read that both have same number of splines for axle/ pass side CV as well as same number of teeth on crown wheel and pinion.

    I am trying to avoid having to fork out for a new crown wheel and pinion plus having to send it to a diff shop to have it fitted.I have sourced an IRS 4.9:1 diff from a wrecker and will change out half shafts as they look to have a couple of mm end float.

    this is my first post so am very new to this

    regards Evan

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    why are you doing this? I assume its because you have the NM 2.8tdi ? because AFAIK that's the only Gen3 that had 4.90s.

    I did a bit of crossmatching parts with my Mitsu spare parts mate. Turns out that the 4.90 cw&p sets from the Gen 2 is the same part number for the NM 2.8 tdis, except I believe that drive flanges could be different, but should be swappable.
    NS shorty 3.8l petrol with winch, front/rear E-lockers


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      Thanks Ian for replying,

      The reason for swapping diffs is so that I can run larger tyres all the time. As opposed to changing transfer case ratios only i.e. low range only. I have an IRS 4.9 from a NM already. Was unable to source front axle from a NM 4.9 so this is next step. I have a 2006 NP 3.8 petrol with extractors and K&N filter. currently running 265/75 muddies.Gearing is too tall both on and off road so hence my reason for swapping ratios.
      New crown wheel and pinion gears for front and rear cost $2000 plus fitting.
      Transfer gears cost $1500 plus fitting i.e. removing gearbox and breaking apart transfer case.
      Changing diffs from the wreckers and fitting myself around $1000, plus valuable experience in removing CV's which could come in handy when in the middle of nowhere.

      Cheers Evan


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        I had a 2004 3.8 NP running 285/75R16's and never did I need more power.
        The thing was actually a bit of a weapon in the bush.
        A little high for crawling bt I got use to 2 foot driving to over come this.

        265/75R16's were my road tyres.
        .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
        NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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          goodsy did you ever get into fifth gear and how about fuel consumption or driving down a steep muddy hill or maybe towing a trailer. changing wheel diameters is like spreading gear ratios apart which means more work for the engine and more fuel to get it there,less engine breaking so more wear to brakes


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            Got into 5th about 7 times on the way to work.
            Never towed so cannot comment.
            Muddy, claggy hills were not a problem.
            Even with the 285s on I still had plenty of power. Once the ASC was off.
            .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
            NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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              I run 285/75/16 bfgoodrich all day everyday. I must say it uses a little bit more fuel than the 31 muddies I used to run but doesn't lack power. And will spin them off the line at the lights if you plant it hard and it's an 3.0lt petrol auto. I tow a boat and also a 9x5 trailer with cage fairly regularly and also a tandem carrying a car occasionally and I've never had a problem.
              I do find I don't need low range as much with them as they plow the mud heaps better than 31's did. And if i do its coz it's either steep up or down and never had any problems.
              The bit more fuel is worth using when the paj looks the way it does lifted on 33's. I currently have 16x8 land cruiser wheels and have lying in wait a set of sunraysia 15x10's with -44 offset or more (haven't actually measured). Major deep dish but worried I'll be putting a lot of strain on the wheel bearings and be constantly re doing them.
              My opinion anyways. And it's the only one that counts for me.hahaha food for thought anyways
              99 NL Exceed with bits


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