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94 transfer/300thou questions - n00b.

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  • 94 transfer/300thou questions - n00b.

    Hi all,
    new to the wonderful world of Paj's and have a little bit of 4x4 experience.
    Ive found a good paj with good mods at a good price.

    As Ive gone back to uni at a mature aged student, Im on limited finances.
    So buying a car with the mods done that I want will save me a lot of money, but dont wanna buy a lemon.

    Anyhow, its a 94 model, manual, 3l, manual locking hubs, BL, muddies, bars, spotties etc. Has done 300,000km. But looks ok from the photos.

    The bloke has said that the transfer case chain has stretched, and sometimes skips a tooth when being used in reverse. But doesnt really effect in while traveling forward.

    Just wondering if that is a precursor to any major issues in the near future? (edit - only has to get me through the next two years of uni really, maybe 50,000km)
    And are there anything Paj specific that I should be looking for in a manual, 3.0L paj with 300,000km?

    Thanks in advance all!
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    doesn,t really sound like a vehicle for a uni student sorry.
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      The chain issue should only appear in 4wd and not 2wd.
      In reverse only sounds legit as the one I have in the backyard has a stretched chain and you can hear it when rolling in reverse but not so much when rolling forward. Having this fixed is costly and probably not a good choice for you.
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        I understand that a 4x4 is not the ideal car on a limited budget guys, but the running cost of this will be only a little more than my last zook. With the benefit of power and room for trips...

        Is the transfer chain issue something that can potentially hold on for a few trips, or is this something that will go down hill rather rapidly and cause a catastrophic failure?
        Has anyone had experience with the cost involved with replacing these, just so I can get a ball park figure?

        Will get my google on...
        edit - cant get transfer cases for around $300 from the wreckers, and fit them up.
        Will be a bit of a gamble running second hand transfer, but cheaper than rebuild I imagine (seeings a a quick search shows a chain itself is $300)
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          cost will come down to whether you are paying to get it done or doing it yourself.

          if doing it yourself it would not be super expensive but is a lot of work as you would need to split the transfer from the gearbox and replace the chain, not really a job for a novice as a first up, a better option would be to buy a complete second hand gearbox and transfer and put that in, then when funds permit overhaul the one you removed.

          like this one from one of the members on here

          whichever way you go it will cost money and you have to allow or that in the purchase price.
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            yeah, i think i will pass on it.
            continue the search!

            thanks for the feedback lads


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