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flashing gear box light on dash

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  • flashing gear box light on dash

    I have a flashing light on a dash, it is the gear box light, in the part where it shows if the car is in 4WD or not.

    The funny thing about it is that it is not on all the time.

    when I first start the car from hot or cold the dash lights are all as expected. (just the two rear lights green).
    after driving for 30km's (about) the center gear box light starts flashing orange.
    I stop the car turn the engine off then restart and everything is right again.
    then drive for another 30km's and the light starts flashing orange again.

    Not sure why it is just after 30Km's, any ideas anyone.

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    Sounds like the Centre Diff Lock light that your talking about not the gear box

    hope this post helps you with your issue

    Centre Differential - Orange flashing light
    The transfer box (t-case) houses the centre differential, permitting drive to both front and rear wheels. On the super select panel it is represented as the central orange colour lamp, it is labelled "C/D Lock"

    The manual indicates that there is a switch connector, from the centre diff, with a yellow/blue wire (which then changes to brown/black) and connects to the 4x4 ECU. If you have a different year, or a rear diff locker the wiring is a bit more complex.

    If you have the orange flashing light it is most probably an electrical issue with the centre differential detent switches on the transfer gear box (t/case), possibly a broken wire or fouled switch, could also be a poor connection due to mud/etc. There are five centre differential detent switches on the t/case.

    First thing that I would inspect is the swiches under the t/case and spray some WD40, looks like you have a short some where.
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      thanks, will check the transfer case.

      the reason I thought it might have been the auto ws have just been stuffing around with that and had some other issues. them this turned up and thought it most likely related.

      suspected it was a short or some odd wiring problem, as it seems to only happen some time after driving. but wansn't really sure where to look.

      will advise what happens.


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        Hi Titchy

        this write up may interest you. I am having similar problem myself at the moment. I will be checking connections mentioned above when time permits. Mine is an intermittent fault

        regards Kc


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          been reading the manual.

          I'm pretty sure that it is related to stop light.

          quote from service manual.
          "Stoplight switch ON was detected for 15
          minutes at vehicle speed of 15 km/h
          and over."

          Causes transfer case light on dash to flash, other things also do this but my trouble is directly related to time.

          went for a drive and started and stopped a bit, drove for 30 mins no problems.
          then drove slowly, 20-30km/h for 14 mins (or there abouts) sure enough the light came on.

          Check the following, stoplights(break lights) check the fuse under bonnent.
          check that the stop light sensor on the brake pedal is OK.

          then if all else is OK, you might have an ECU problem. which I think that is where mine is. any questions and I'll try to help, but I haven't fixed mine yet.


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            another thought
            just check that it is time related not just intermittent.

            the speed needs to be over 15Km/h for more than 15 mins.
            if you stop, it seems to reset the timing, so in city traffic (or stop start traffic) it would appear to be intermittent. but on the open road comes on every time.

            Apparently this has no effect on rest of car.
            "Control continued" quote from manual.
            just an electrical problem.
            car thinks the break pedal is depressed for a sustained period of time i imagine.


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              I have this bad feeling that I may have a dead ECU for the transfer case.

              does anyone know if these can be tested?
              or is there anywhere I can borrow one to see if it is dead?


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                you dont have a dead ECU at all.............far out some of the shit that is said on here................vacum leak or the switches on the transfer case.Make sure all the vac hoses are connected first.........than maybe the switches on the T/Case are sus..............any dealer can confirm the fault with the M.U.T.


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                  Thanks Titchy and Hawk Eye

                  Mine only flashes when trying to select 4wd so I dont think it is related to your brake problem Titchy, if it turns out to be that. I have already checked vacuam hoses and solenoids without luck. So I am going to be checking transfere case connections next. It's frustrating as I cleaned solenoid terminals on weekend and seemed to fix the problem. It looked like they were covered in white grease.
                  I will post again as I make more progress but that wont be till the weekend at the earliest.

                  thanks Kc

                  Ps Titchy what manual are you using? I only have a Haynes? manual


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                    Hi All,

                    I have my problems solved. I had these problems too. It is intermitten and after a while it is always there.

                    there are several 4WD sensors, one or a few of the sensors are faulty and it is not reading correctly that is why the centre diff lock light starts to blink after a while.

                    Go to your local distributor and ask them to check. If it is under warranty, do it if it is not, it might cost a BOMB.

                    Hope this helps.

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