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  • noisy lifters

    Hi all, I may have missed out on this thread (no doubt it has been discussed before) but is there any way to get rid of noisy lifters (change of oil maybe or other suggestions?). I have a SWB NK if that helps.

    I did see a forum for it which may help goes way after 30 to 60 seconds so I guess not anything to worry about?
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    If it goes away that quick it means most likely one of only two things, your oil is thinner then recommended / suitable for climate - or excessive wear. Eitherway, these charactoristics of lifter noise can generally be patched up with different grades of oil - thicker.


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      yeah I will give the oil change a go...using 10/40 oil (Castrol Magnatec) so will try something thicker. thanks for the suggestion. much appreciated.


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        Tried the thicker oil idea and it got worse. After asking araound, a mitsu mechanic now working for OL told me the small hole in the lash adjuster gets gummed up. They use thinner oil and a detergent to clean it out for a week or so then use the regular oil again. Has been somewhat successful in my experience.
        Cheers, Mitishi.
        NM 2001 GLS Petrol.


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          have a look on then get onto the forum archive section and do a search for noisy lifters. There's a post by a bloke called Fast Eddy dealing with a 5-minute cure for noisy lifters in V6s.

          2010 MY 2011 VR-X V6. Stock standard.

          Previously 02 NM auto V6 Exceed silver. Extra transmission cooler & transmission temp gauge, activated rear lights, Impco sequential LPG system, Redback (Wildcat) Headers, heavy duty radiator. Lovells shocks F & R, Polyair bags in rear.

          My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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            You could try one of those additives. I think it was wynns lifter free. I used it on my old verada 3.5 worked a treat. Some people are funny about additives but it might do the job for you.



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              thanks for the replies, will let you know how i go with the oil thing first, then then try the other suggestions...cheers.


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                When I had my petrol NK the mechanic I went to for my usual service said he had an oil additve that would solve the noisy lifter problem. At the next service he would use this additive and I was then to bring the vehicle back after 500 kms for a new batch of oil. While I was initially skeptical about him rorting me for an extra service I decided to run with it. To get to the point - problem solved! So ask your mechanic if the same can be done for you.


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                  I've used a simular product, Nulon lifter free. To some degree it helped, but far from resolved the issue.

                  Within reason, theres only 2 reasons for lifter noise, mechanical wear and tear / failure and sludge / wax build up.

                  Through till the the end of the nk, the lifters only had a 1mm bleed hole, with irregular oil changes, wax build up over time, it didnt take long to block this bleeder, this would cause lifter noise after the engine is warm. A product like nulon lifter free should completely fix this.

                  When the lifter noise is only when the engine is cold, it generally means oil has bled out of the lifter over night - two causes, the little check valve in the lifter (little ball bearing with a spring) could be held open by crap or the spring is broken etc (mechanical fault).

                  Its always smart to start off with something like the nulon, after that its a near garantee that your issue is irreparable, this is when oil viscousities come into play.

                  In most mitsys up to the nk, anything around the 200mark and its most likely wear and tear.


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                    i gave it an oil change and it seems to have solved the issue. started it up this morning and all OKwas gonna just do the oil, but decided to give it a major service (coming close to 180k anyways), all fluids and belts (got some seals replaced too whilst it was already there - a few bucks more but piece of mind is worth more than a few bucks) as well and purring now. thanks for the replies all. it has been useful.


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