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Super Select System Issue

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  • Super Select System Issue

    Hi All,

    Just exercising my Super Select System on the Weekend and came upon a Issue that Would like to hear if anyone has had this issue happen to them.

    I put the 4WD into 4H, Everything Ok, All Lights are engaged and ready to roll.

    I have had a Problem with the 4HLc for a while now where the C/D lock (orange light) Does not want to light up any more, but have suspected that it's only a Bulb as it seems to still ingage the C/D lock (Might be wrong but havn't had a chance to inspect it at the moment)

    Thought that I Would Engage the 4LLc, Have never tried it since I Purchased the forby and noticed that my 4WD lights Rear and Front turned off (Suspecting that there might be a short somewhere). Put it back into 2H and Went Backwards and forward then eventually the Rear Lights had come back on.

    Would be great to see if someone has had a issue like this or can give a pointer out if I should check the Switches on the T/Case or somewhere in those Lines.

    NJ Shortie 3ltr
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    You definately had it in 4llc, its fairly easy to have in neutral and even just past (which causes the lights to turn off) and yet look like its in 4llc??


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      Will Check again this afternoon.

      Would it being in Neutral cause the rear lights to turn off aswell?
      NJ Shortie 3ltr
      ARB Bullbar, ARB Front and Rear Air Locca, polyair bag suspension, Airtek snorkel, Dual Battery setup, Exhaust setup, Big Doof Doof Stereo


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        From memory all the lights turn off, ill double check


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          the fault you describe only happens if the lever hasn't been moved much - mine had the same problem and I found that it goes away with more use - i'm now in the habit of selecting 4llc every now and again to keep it all happening, on the good side irespective of what the lights say it will be mechanically in gear as the whole system is fail safe



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            Hi guys,

            I went around doing some dune bashing here in my '08 NS DID and while doing so (was in 4H mode) i drove over some big corrugations at high speed (40-50kmph), the effects were felt quite badly in the cabin, but i had to do it at that speed in order to keep the momentum up so that i could climb up the incline immediately after the corrugations. I normally drive as slow as possible and as fast as necessary but in this case going slow was not an option.

            Everything was fine after clearing the climb and i got back to tarmac and switched back to 2H. There was some "whirring" and a slight "clunk" and the instrument panel indicator showed an error with all the wheel lights "OFF" and only the centre differential lock light "FLASHING".

            I turned the ignition "OFF" and put it into 2H, then swtiched engine "ON" and it was OK now. Pushing the 4WD lever into 4H or 4HLc or 4LLc gave the same error as above. Whirring, clunk and then CDL light flashing.

            However, when i leave the car in 4H and switch ignition "ON" the CDL light stays "OFF" and rear wheel light remain lit, but the front wheel lights "FLASH".

            I removed the intercooler guard and sump guard and looked for any damage/loose connectors (vacuum / electrical etc) but found none. I have now scheduled a service appointment with the dealer tomorrow to sort out the problem.

            Can someone answer my below queries ?

            1. Is the Transfer case operated electrically or by Vacuum actuator or mechanically ?
            2. What is the vacuum actuator which is attached to the front Diff housing here on my NS ?

            3. The car drives without any issues in 2H mode, so i am thinking the problem is either with the front diff or the Transfer case and nothing to do with the Auto Tranny. Am i wrong ?

            4. I also think that the problem is 90% probability to do with the transfer case and 10% chances being with the front diff as there would have been atleast some noises from the front. What do you guys say ?

            all shafts ie., front prop shaft, both front drive shafts+CV joints are looking good. All the wheel sensors are looking good and solidly mounted. The actuator rod inside the rubber protector is neat n clean, no dirt/grime.

            '08 Pajero DID GLS LWB - Sold
            '07 KTM Adv990S

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              No2 ....This is the free wheeling clutch actuator....
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