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4D56 Turbocharger

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  • 4D56 Turbocharger

    Just got off the phone to Garett Turbo's in Sydney, had my little TD04 up there getting serviced, now I find out that it's in need of replacing, at a cost of almost a grand it seems a little overpriced for such a small part...
    The problem reported was "the bearing has been starved of oil, and a small amount of scoring on the main shaft has resulted"
    Does anyone know how to rebuild these, or is there anyone decent who can service them in Vic.
    If anyone out there can help a brother out it would be greatly appreciated
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    A TD04L off a subaru WRX should cost you 200-350 for one with 25,000-60,000 km on it.

    Check out Ozliberty or rexnet. They usually get taken off wrxs so the boyz can fit larger IHI turbs.

    {edit} That looks a small turb for a 2.5L engine. (Lots of people put them on 1.6litre corolla engines. But here you go for extra ref.
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