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  • Dyno Run Results

    Finally had the fuel pump rebuilt in the Pajero after causing some serious grief on cold starts. Last week also had a 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust fitted (straight thru with 1 resonator).

    Had the Pajero also put on the Dyno before and after the work (which included advancing the timing to 9 degrees). Turns out that almost nothing was achieved in that effort (6 or so nm of torque gained). The Paj does drive alot smoother though, but still blowing a heap of smoke which I'm not too happy about - going to give the company a call in the morning

    If you can read that, at bascially pulled 85kW @ 3828rpm, and 261nm @ 2138rpm.

    Pretty happy with the torque curve, quite steady from 1100rpm through 2100rpm.

    NP GLS DID Auto: ARB Bar, Warn XD9000, Rear ARB Locker, Dobinsons, Bilsteins, 33" BFG MT's, 61Lt Sub Tank, Striker 170's, Dual Batts, etc. etc. etc.

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    What engine does this dyno run relate too? is it the 4m40 or the 41?

    I agree - doenst seem to be alot of change given the cost of the process youv'e just been through !!

    NJ 1996 ITD GLX (poverty pack) with a couple of extras, ARB bar, dual batteries plus redarc, Glind shower, some roo spotties, running 235 85 R16 AT's for the road and MT's for the tracks, tweeked torsion bars, Free wheeling front hubs, Poly airs and prodegy electric brakes for the camper, GME radio thingy, Long range tank, cargo barrier, have I really spent all this on my bus??


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      Hi Jayden,I went through the exact same process with my NA many years ago and had related it on the old forum, anyway my results before and after actually showed a decrease in both torque and KW after my extractors and new pipes were fitted, so then we played around with backpressure by reducing tailpipe dia and a bit of creative tweaking in the control room on the dyno came to about the same increase that you have, all I can say was the new note was about the only change to be had from this mod, so again I would think twice about doing this to late model vehicles (excluding V8s) to gain more horses, one last thing you might like to try is chipping the computer and a less restrictive air filter to give the injection system more fuel /air in into the cylinders



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