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Whining noise in drivetrain

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  • Whining noise in drivetrain

    G'day! I stuck this in the Gen 2 section but thought I'd put it here as well. Hope I'm not breaking any rules
    I have a '94 NJ 3litre auto and there is a whining bearingy type noise between 95km/h and 105km/h. The noise stops under decelaration or acceleration. Any clues?

    Also at idle maybe at the lights or something, the car hunts forward. When I apply the brake this almost disappears.

    And last but not least, the auto seems to hang on to gears a long time. Is this normal?

    This is my first pajero and I've only just got it on the road as I bought it unregistered. It was a one owner, done 135000kms with service books.

    Any help you could give would be appreciated. Oh sorry, I have put injector cleaner through a full tank of fuel so this might affect the hunting phenomenon I described above.

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    Sorry ... there was a bit of a shopping list in my post. I'm pretty sure the whining noise is the rear diff. It is fairly faint at the moment. I think it is the crown wheel not meshing properly? Does anyone have any ideas about a fix and how much it might be? I went around and spoke to Wombat in Ringwood and they were very helpful. It just seems strange that it is only between 95km/h and 105 km/h. OK thanks very much


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      Mine has been whinning recently but when it started was only under a slight load at 75-85K, but became mre pronounced to eventually being there at most speeds and also developing on over-run also took it in to the dealer and they quoted a replacement. Dont know if this helps Mine is an 02 NP Exceeep 100,000K also it was due to a dislodged companion (1/2) shaft due to a know issue of a weak holding cir-clip, the whine developed after the shaft was re-inserted and the new upgraded cir-clip installed currently fightinh a warranty claim as the companion shaft cir-clip is a "hotline" or know issue as a design fault. maybe you should get this clip/ companion shaft looked at. when they go they release a fair bit of oil as if it was a failed seal. Apparently the shaft can drift out a little when towing a trailer, on the beach or under sideways load. Mayby yours has moved just a little and stessed the bearing or something -- mine is worse than that and not happy it is a known design fault and they dont want to cover it even tho all I did was drive on Nt Straddy beach witha trailer to go camping made the whole campiong trip a stressfull time I can tell ya. Anyway good luck and this was just somethign else you could consider and look into.

      02 Exceed, Petrol, 2" Lift, Spotties, Extractors, New Diff. scratches, Sand, kids vommit, and over 7 years of magnificent memories, thats what its all about


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        The NJ rear axle is different from the NP - solid axle, no 1/2 shafts.

        Pagerow have you had 4WDs before? At times the tyres can make a noise that's similar to drivetain whine. Just a thought.

        2010 MY 2011 VR-X V6. Stock standard.

        Previously 02 NM auto V6 Exceed silver. Extra transmission cooler & transmission temp gauge, activated rear lights, Impco sequential LPG system, Redback (Wildcat) Headers, heavy duty radiator. Lovells shocks F & R, Polyair bags in rear.

        My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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