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Engine Missing on Idle

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  • Engine Missing on Idle

    I have a Slight Problem with the Paj when on Idle.

    Just done A service changing Oil Filter, and spark plugs on the weekend. After the Service was done, I noticed when on Idle that the Engine has a slight Miss (Sounds like a poping noise from the exhaust or slight backfire, Quite Noticeable as I have a 2 1/2" exhaust system and Sports Muffler) but when Driving, everything is as Normal and Smooth as it could be.

    I Had checked to see if the Leads were on tight, re-inserted the Spark Plugs again just incase one was not tightened properly or too tight.

    Around 2 months ago, I have cleaned the Injectors, 1 year ago changed the ISC Motor, The Spark Plugs have been replaced around a year ago also.

    Now I have ran out of basic Diagnostic Ideas on what it could be. It has me wondering Why after replacing the Plugs this has occurred and why does the Engnie Still run Smooth when Driving.

    Does the 6G72 have Dissy Points in them? Any other Advise would be great.
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    No Points...............sorry Not That Simple.
    Check Compressions............slight Burnt Valve I Would Say.a Comp Test Will Confirm.


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      Might be a croock plug or lead (just cause they're new doesn't mean they're good) Try putting the old ones back in as a test.
      It's very easy to damage the leads getting them off, so might need to try another set of leads.

      A slight misfire on idle will sometimes not be apparent under load.
      Cheers, John.
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        If the battery has been disconnected upon servicing, it might affect the ECU.

        However, the ECU will self-adjust and become normal after a few trips.


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          Check for a vacume leak around the inlet manifold.
          This may be the source to your problem if its not leads or plugs.


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