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O2 Sensor Performance Chip

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  • O2 Sensor Performance Chip

    Has anyone heard of a performance chip for an O2 sensor?


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    Not really a Performance Chip. More like a small Resistor in that Big tube that they put it in. From what I can see that this So Called Performace Chip just sends a Differnet Voltage Signal to trick the ECU at thinking It might be either Hot or Cold (not sure which one it is) for the fuel to air ratio to increase, Thus Giving you that so called Performace gain.

    You might Notice a little gain if any, But not really worth the trouble in the long run. The Problems that you might get is damage your Cat converter allot quicker cause of the false readings to the ECU to try and change the Fuel Mixture. This might cause other damages to your Paj, but i can be wrong.

    I have purchased a long time ago a so called performace chip that you wire up to the Mitsubishi MAF Sensor which advances the timming by a few degres. This is a Similar Concept as to the O2 Sensor Chip. After further Research into this I decided not to install it on my Car but I still have it lying around somewhere.
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      Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't really considering it myself. Was interested in what others had to say.



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        Wouldnt touch it. As Mitsir says it wont be much. For more performance it probably modifies the signal to be over rich, causing the ECU to lean it out slightly. Nice for burning holes in pistons / burnt valves etc, although most factory tunes are fairly rich to start with (eg orignal Holden LS!).

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