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The value of safety devices in 4WD's

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  • The value of safety devices in 4WD's

    Properly fitted child restraint and the absence of a cargo barrier in a roll
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    Very interesting, certainly makes a cargo barrier look like a sensible investment. Would ESC have helped in that scenario on dirt?

    Luckily everyone appeared to have only minor injuries.

    Thanks for posting
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      This is a classic example of the reason so many accidents happen on unsealed roads.
      The driver was not driving too his ability.
      Too put a child at risk in that scenario is idiotic.
      Great vid on the workings of the properly fitted child restraint.


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        That's a bit harsh olesp.
        I hardly think this guy was deliberately putting his son at risk. He was however clearly going too fast. Hind-sight is a wonderful thing.
        You would like to think that stability control would have helped in this situation but I ain't gonna be the guinea pig to try and deliberately re-create the situation!
        Definitely good to see that there were no real injuries.
        Cheers, Dan.
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          Very sobering to see, but I agree, he was driving too fast for the conditions..

          I like the part at the end where he says the road build up was to blame.. dickhead. !!
          Take responsibility for your stuff up - you were driving too fast for the conditions simple as that !!!

          I have come across similar situations on the roads around Mudgee - off camber/slippery and the Stability control has kicked in - not sure if I would have crashed without it, but it certainly stopped the slide a lot earlier that I would have been able to...


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            Fellas and Fellaretes..Come on!!

            Who are we to judge if this bloke was driving too fast. There is no indication anywhere in the video that this man was driving either too fast or not to the conditions..

            Next we will hear is that if he was driving this or that or had stability control or anti gravity mats he would not have rolled...

            PLEASE, this sort of accident can happen to anybody in any vehicle with any sort of stability control.

            From the look of the video, it caught him way off guard and the result was a roll..

            What we need to take from this is:
            1. It could happen to anyone at anytime
            2. Appropriate restraints assist in accidents
            3. Cargo barriers are a must have ( imagine if that was a Waeco/Engel/whatever coming forward at an oblique angle and unkown velocity)

            At the end of the day, this bloke and his young fella came out better than worse and we should all reflect on the fact that this could happen to any of us at any time...

            Cheers Lenny
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              Appears that he simply made the classic mistake of leaving it until he was in the bend before braking, & being off-camber & unsealed, the rear inevitably breaks away but it's still possible for a skilled driver to recover. However most drivers react by keeping their foot on the brake while fishtailing along the road, & things go pear-shaped even quicker if they're towing something!
              The policy of easing-off if unable to see what's up ahead over a crest or around a bend hasn't failed me yet, even avoiding a few collisions with oncoming vehicles speeding or using more road than they should! Just imagine that if there had been a car coming the other way in this incident, the outcome may have involved more than just the cops & a towie!

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                I have tried to slide out on gravel intentionally and the ESC kept me straight. It definitely was not subtle either, banging and thudding from under car and harshly rocking the Paj. I reckon the ESC would've saved him.
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                  What ever the reason he lost control this video has made me have a rethink of the way I store stuff in my car, I do tie things down but not all the small things.
                  I watched this kids face and could only think "what if that was my kid"
                  The simple lesson is don't be complacent just think before you drive off.
                  Slow motion vid
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                    But then he lets the child play on the road whilst waiting for recovery. That bit made me cringe more than the rollover.
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                      What ever the reason I say good on him for posting might get the message through to a few who may think it'll never happen to them!

                      As far as speculating to how or why but as you all will note he had the onboard camera may well show speed.. you can bet that will be looked at.. As for the young bloke on the rd.. Again the 4WD was on its side just around that bend So I would imagine the Road was well maned letting all know.. From the reaction of his dad in the accident he was the 1st concern! So I'm sure he wouldn't let the little bloke be in danger after going through that!

                      Glad no serious injuries...

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                        Agree, good on him for posting this as a warning to others.

                        I have studied the slow motion at length.
                        1. At 12 seconds he is driving with one hand as they go over the crest and start the right sweeping bend.
                        2. At 15 seconds he is aware that it is going pear shaped and tries to put his left hand on the steering wheel, he accidentally hits the wiper stalk and the wipers come on.
                        3. By 20 seconds the car is well and truly in a controlled slide and he appears to have it under control.
                        4. At 25 seconds he runs out of road and the right front tyre hits and mounts the embankment, this blows the tyre off the rim so when he bounces back onto the road he has no steering control and the front right wheel digs into the road, the car pitches forward and tips on to its side and slide to a rest.

                        Most likely the longest 10 seconds in his life!

                        As others have said hindsight is a wonderful thing.
                        Yes if he was going slower it may not have been as bad but if he was doing 100kph then the tip over would have been a full blown rollover, I remember what it was like rolling at 100kph, it was far more violent then this!.
                        Had he had 2 hands on the steering wheel may be his reaction time would be less and may have maintained control.
                        Had he been in a different car, different tyres, different tyre pressures, different load then things may have been better but they also could have been a lot worse!

                        Glad no-one was seriously hurt, that is the main thing.
                        We must all remember as we sit in our comfortable 4wds that are 10 times easier to drive at twice the speeds that were possible 30 years ago, that the laws of Physics have not changed.

                        travel safe, old Jack.
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                          ASC and being in a Pajero would have helped. Being independent suspension all round gives ASC the best hope.

                          But he didn't have it and was in a Cruiser. I would say a bloody good outcome.
                          A slow tip over, no real injuries.

                          You cannot speculate on speed or what the driver did because you were not there!
                          You could have done worse and sent the thing into a tree at 70k's.

                          Just be thankful that the only real damage was to metal and plastic.
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                            Short apexed the decreasing radius over crest turn, lift-off oversteer and too slow or not experienced enough to feed in left lock to keep the nose travelling down the road, then when the rear bit in, it sent him spearing off to the right, coz that was where the wheels were pointing.

                            Just inexperienced...seen it before.

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                              i'm still trying to see the kangaroo they talk about in the second video that caused all of this.

                              That was a fairly sedate rollover in the scheme of things but does show the value of the child restraint and the need to keep articles contained and secure in a vehicle.

                              i have been in a couple of rollovers at much higher speeds than that ( albeit whilst in rallies during properly conducted events) and as stated is hard to tell what actually caused the accident and if there was an outside influence that we cant see, i know my kids have been taught not to swerve on a dirt road for an animal as that is how most serious accidents occur, is better to just brake in a straight line and hit the animal, not the most pleasant hing to do but in the country is a fact of life, and yes both my kids have hit a number of roos already in their driving career but we do live in the middle of a state forest on a dirt road.
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