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My 93 NH LWB

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  • My 93 NH LWB

    Hi all.

    Recently bought this Paj as my Surf had done what I needed it for....moving house and the occasional soft road trip.

    I've had this out to Sapper Road in the Avon Valley and for a stock Paj she did extremely well. I watched my brother's Series 2 Disco bottom out hahaha.

    I wound up the front torsion bars for a bit of extra clearance but now she wanders a bit on the open road. Had quotes for OME upgrade but waiting for bonus to come thru

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    93 NH LWB.....bullbar, scrub bar and steps. All the rest is stock

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    She looks in good nick. Nice!


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      Nice looking rig.
      03 NP, 34" tires, Fully skiplated, Custom rocksliders, custom winch mount, OME HD springs/shocks, and Aeroflow exhaust, Locked Front and Rear.

      Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth.


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        Thanks guys. Took me a long time to find her.
        She has full service history from day one and has done 220k's.
        Interior is in great nick as is the body and paint. She even still has complete tool kit and work light in rear.
        It's difficult to find one over here that hadn't been used as a tradies van (no offence tradies).
        So far soo good. But it's only been three months
        93 NH LWB.....bullbar, scrub bar and steps. All the rest is stock


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          Have you looked at iron man suspension. I have Iron man coils, t-bars and 35mm shocks and they work great. They are half the price of OME and I don't think OME would be much better(if at all). For 850, about 100 more than I paid you can get it with 41mm foam cell shocks.

          Not an Iron man rep or anything just been very impressed with them. After reading some threads on them in other forums other people seem very impressed too!!

          1993 NJ LWB: UHF, bull bar, 2" Iron man coils/T-bars, 30mm coil spacers, 35mm body lift, long travel RS5000s, Cranked T-bars, lokka, 35x12.5 GoodYear MTR, light force 170s, Duel battery with selectable volt meter, roof basket, 9.5" rear diff - more to come!


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            It is a toss up between them and OME, but I'd been quoted twice that for Iron Man setup in WA. Where are you based?
            And I've heard that they are really stiff too.....
            I'm going to get some more serious quotes when the money tree sprouts and before it gets "lost" within the house haha.

            93 NH LWB.....bullbar, scrub bar and steps. All the rest is stock


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