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Andy's 98 NL

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  • Andy's 98 NL

    Here's a few pic's of my 98 NL. Haven't done anything to it yet due to house renovations eating up my time and money but hope to start doing a few things to it soon.
    But basics are:
    GLS 3.5 V6 5 speed manual
    TJM alloy bar
    Electronic brake controller
    Removed the rear dicky seat.
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    Nice photos.

    I have the same year and model and am currently seting it up for touring at christmas. I'll be touring the Victorian high country from the 6th of January to the 11th.

    What beach is that?



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      Thanks. The sand dune photo was taken at Peron dunes (east coast of Tasmania near St Helens). We're heading back over to tassie for the Christmas break with the camper trailer so I hope to do a bit of 4wding as well.


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        Well it's been a while since I posted anything so a small update. Sadly I haven't done much to the NL. Managed to get the bullbar upgraded to a ARB steel winch bar after a guy took out the side of the pajero with his off road caravan while we were camping. Unfortunately when the panel beaters ordered the bar they ordered a GLS bar so it was another 8 weeks waiting for the GLX bar to arrive. I'll post a photo with the two different bars soon. It's not uploading for me at the moment.
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