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Mitsushed's 91 SWB

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  • Mitsushed's 91 SWB

    So here's my Pajero.
    I bought this Pajero a few years ago from a family in Canberra. The brakes were down to 5%, the drivers seat belt was frayed like crazy, the carby was completely out of tune, the drivers seat was stuffed, bald retreads for tyres, exhaust leak, power steering leak, holes in bumperretes, dodgy looking bullbar, still registered and being used to drive kids to school...
    Not to mention it needs bushes throughout, ball joints are stuffed, steering components I'm worried about, drivers side sliding window was broken, radiator leaks, clicky front cv's and gear stick is mega sloppy.\
    I don't have a problem with all this as it's my first car and all these things are mostly money with easy fix.

    So far I've done (start with bad first):
    since my ownership I've managed to obtain a fuel leak or something near or on the manifold out of the carby, as it sucks fuel like crazy, and smells of fresh fuel and has liquid in between the runners. If someone could source a carb kit for LESS than $65 (grr repco quoted $128!!) then that'd be awesome as i have a billion solexes sitting around for spares but no carb kits...
    I've backed into a pole one morning which destroyed my left hand bumperrete and bent my rear bumper metal and broke my top taillight.
    I've snapped the handbrake (not what some seemed to think, it was old, i stopped on a hill, gave it a pull and SNAP)

    First thing I did was (couple weeks after purchase) go to the wrecker at Queenbeyan and buy whole front hubs from a gen 1. When Dad and I went to bleed the brakes, the front left caliper collapsed! It looked like the brake pads hadn't been changed in 400,000kms...
    I have bought a new drivers seat (from a 93 i think, sits higher and is nicer)
    I bought a drivers side sliding window from the same 93 model and it's drivers side back seat to replace the weather damaged one.
    Went to the wrecker out at Queenbeyan and got the hanbrake cable and mechanism for $40. I snapped the bit attached to the mechanism on my old one.
    obtained various rims, all odd and pretty junky. I swapped my split rim for the only other sunraysia i had with a tyre for a spare but recently got a flat so split rim back as spare haha.
    I have almost finished assembling my rear bumper. Dad and I straightened up a LWB rear bumper and I cleaned it up, reassembled it and now I'm going to somehow straighten up my old bent bumperrette brackets so I can do something fancy to fit up a LWB bumperrette (too short, but all I have as a temporary).
    I have cleared the clogging in my front window sprayers as the were corroded.
    Serviced the motor haha nothing special.
    Obtained a good front LWB bumper which i haven't needed yet thank goodness .
    Installed a head unit again not so special.
    Taken broken lamps out of my dash and bought replacements, just gotta install them.
    Bought and replaced the top tailight that was broken, i now have a pair but one is broken.
    Bought ball joints and a power steering small parts kit
    I bought two set of headlight protectors one 2nd hand the other brand new. Using 2nd hand pair.
    There's more, I'm sure if i go outside to my car I'll remember them.

    To do list:
    Drivers seatbelt
    bumper taillight lenses (my lenses are broken, even the repair patches are broken haha.)
    exhaust gaskets (should be easy but not priority at the moment.)
    carby kit (electronic carby)
    front cvs (not priority, gets around anything in 2WD)
    rear bumperrettes (SWB has the longer bumperrettes)
    battery (organised just waiting (Dad has a recent platinum edition diesel pajero, he'll keep his battery for me when he gets a new one))
    bushes for whole car (quoted $430 from repco, no one could beat it as it was list price from the crowd they supply)
    radiator or recondition for leaky one (works for now, big spend for radiator )
    Put on gas (motor is tired, it'd probably be the best thing at the moment. And fuel costs may lower on gas it all depends)
    Fix rear windscreen sprayer (old owner said car was broken into so the back door has bends behind the glass, but I don't understand why the sprayer is stuffed)
    Fit ball joints (before i get tyres of course) (prefer to do this when i have bushes so i can do a job lot, then get an alignment.)
    I have a weber 34 there... just pondering getting a plate of aluminium and making an adaptor. Easy job if I do it.
    Again there's probably more, but I can't remember.

    All in all, It's a beauty. It sits on a full chassis and is astron powered.
    It's a feb 91 build, and is quite a mix of gen 1 and gen 2 parts which isn't a problem. For example my lower ball joints were gen 1 i think and uppers were gen 2.

    Bit of a read but I hope it interests fellow pajero enthusiasts out there
    By the way this is just a thread for my car and it's process of getting to roadworthyness
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    Did i mention how annoying rusty bumper bolts are? and all the scratches and bruises they induce? haha

    Here's a post crash photo with no bumper
    You can see mums asx and the view
    Also back when I had a sunraysia for a spare...
    that spare is now on the back left and a split rim resides on the back door
    I'd like to admit the any sort of alignment on the front wheels is hopelessly out due to everything being worn... It's amazing it still goes in a straight line but i only drive it one the dirt and the pavement it's parked on only goes for about 35m and i drive on it only when I need the car near the shed for work.
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      Looks like a good base to start playing with. Interesting that you say there is a mix of Gen 1 and 2 bits. The Gen 1 ran until April 1991 so there was obviously some overlap between Gen 1 and Gen 2...
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        What did the last Gen 1's look like?

        It's funny because if my car was built just a few months later I would've had a chance at ABS and IRS and coils throughout, but, to my liking, I have torsion bars and shocks up front and a leaf spring rear.


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          Attached photos are from yesterday.
          I have started to modify my lwb bumperrette, the bracket that goes up the top against the plastic bit with cut outs needs holes drilled as the lwb bumperrette wont bolt up to a swb bracket.
          Also, I was reinstalling my passenger side mirror and the nut closest to the hinge fell down the well next to the inside of the mirror, so I had my door trim off. I didn't want to break the winder trying to work out how to take it off so i just turned the door card around. I found the hinge side bolt on the door handle/arm rest was stripped of it's thread due to being cross threaded (was a pain to get out) and luckily the nut welded to the mounting plate didn't cop it as a result, but I ran a tap through it anyway. To replace the problem bolt, I used hex heads on both sides so no future problems should occur.

          This is a little boring, but to me it's kinda exciting. Just doing what I can before spending more money. I have ideas for my bumperrette modification, but will bring them up if I go ahead with them.
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            ^ the long bracket poking out of the bottom of the bumperette was the one that copped the most damage due to impact. Straightening it out was a horror job and one hole doesn't yet line up but it all needs some fine tuning to make it line up again. I should've taken a before and after photo it was pretty mangled. Now it's reasonably flat with plenty of wrinkles and scars.
            Looking at swapping the electronic carby for a conventional carby, as I have quite a few 32-35s on my bench in the shed. Going into supercheap on tuesday so I will grab some gasket paper and make up some carby gaskets (would probably do a better job than my stock (cereal boxes)). Also go to the wreckers and ask about going in and getting front cuts from his LWBs.


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