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Evakool Travelmate TMDZ 80Ltr 12v Fridge

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  • Evakool Travelmate TMDZ 80Ltr 12v Fridge

    I decided to change my refrigeration needs in my Campertrailer, so when I was at a camping shop I noticed the Evakool 80ltr Travelmate was on special..
    The good...
    1/. It is very easy use and set the temperatures for the individual can be a freezer the other a fridge.
    2/. The low profile of the fridge helps those persons who are height challenged to have good access to items at the bottom of the fridge.
    3/. A blue LED (night light) well to light up the fridge cabinet without attracting the nearest insect population and blinding you in the process.
    4/. The lid hinge system is robust and the opening mechanisms are solid..easy to repair and get spare parts if need be, the compartment lid opens both sides or remove completely to gain access...the fridge lid rubber seals are good quality and thick.
    5/. It has a Anderson plug connection and a proper 12v lead with a Anderson plug to a male cig attachment.
    6/. The freezer when needed...depending on which side you want to use...will freeze down to 55c below ambient..average -18 to 20c..again depending on the ambient temp.
    7/. Very reasonably priced ($1250) when comparing to other 80ltr combi 12v portable fridges in the marketplace that average $1600 to $2200.
    8/. 5 year guarantee..and Evakool has been known to be reasonable with respect to warranty...but even though..Evakool has a reasonable repair network.
    9/. I can witness that the fridge is quiet when cycling..quietier than my existing 80ltr combi fridge I have at the moment and it is keeping the fridge temps with minimum cycling..

    The debatable..
    1/. The lids of the fridge are recessed into the top of the fridge dust / grim has a chance to sit..also the fridge lids have a corrugated with the opening latch mechanism could be again susceptible to dust and grim sitting in the mechanism..
    I have the fridge this may / might mitigate this issue...only time spend out camping in the bush and desert regions will reveal this design issue.
    The fridge will be sitting in the campers' dedicated fridge compartment..which is well sealed..but whilst setup at camp..wind and dust ingress may become an issue..only time will tell.
    2/. I have noticed that some moisture sitting on outside around the rubber seals when I have opened the again maybe cleaning will have to be undertaken consciously to mitigate dust and debris sitting around the fridge lid seals etc...again the fridge cover may mitigate this point..
    3/. Because of the low height profile of the fridge, the standing up of large bottles in the fridge compartment will hinder the closing of the you will need to lie the bottles down..basically it is a compromise I have make because of the low profile of fridges' construction.

    Initial impressions.

    So far so good..the fridge is working well...over Xmas..6 kept the drinks and food cold..a no brainer really..
    I will be out camping in the scrub in for Australia long weekend shake down as this will be the fridges' first camp outing...then I have a up coming 3 month trip into Western NSW, Outback SA and up into the Gulf region...80% off-road with a shed load of corrugations and a mountain full of dust...if the Evakool gets through that with out too much trouble...then I will give my impression / review.
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    I've had an EvaKool in the Tvan for 3 years and it's been everywhere with no issues at all. We have the white fibreglass model which is basically their renowned ice chest but with a compressor attached. It has small current draw and like yours it can be a fridge, freezer or a combo of both. I wouldn't hesitate to get another one.
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      Another datapoint on the EvaKool 80 litre. We have one (white fibreglass) in our 12 year old leaf sprung O'Brien camper since new. The fridge sits over one wheel which is a pretty rough ride compared to on the drawbar or in the truck and we have had no problems. We have camped nearly 500 nights and done a lot of outback touring, enough to finally break a spring on the trailer a year ago near Innamincka. We enjoy corrugations as the only way to get away from the crowds.


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        I also have had a GREAT experience from my white fibreglass Evakool (50L). I bought it second hand about 12 years ago and it’s never missed a beat. No idea actually how old it is but it’s an early model with the compressor inside the main case.

        I like the fact it’s an Australian made/designed case, being fibreglass it’s super easy to clean, has very good insulation compared to many other 12v fridge brands and has a large fan cooling the condenser (unlike many other brands) so it works well even in extremely hot conditions.
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          Just an update on about a 12month usage with this fridge..
          So where has it been?
          We have done some Darling river trips with camper along the Darling at various stations..then traversed along Louth- Tilpa-Wilcannia road a few times..and so it was pretty dusty in parts.
          Then we have been in some humid places in central coast Queensland for a few weeks, we also live in Far Nth Coast of it can get hot and humid.
          Our camping style is a couple of days in one place..then off again to another we do a far bit of
          off Grid Camping or unpowered behind pubs etc.
          That being the how has the fridge performed?
          I have been impressed..when we did the last Darling River Run..I kept one side as a freezer @ -12c and the other as a fridge @ problem at all, the fridge kept the temps very well and we were off grid for the whole time..just off batteries and connected to the Paj when travelling.
          In respect to power drag in this configuration is about 5Ahr and the 250Watt solar panel with the Victron MPPT smart solar controller kept the batteries topped up.
          My initial scepticism with regards to dust there has been little or no dust issues on the lid and when there wipe and it's clean again..what I was thinking was that the dust would get into the grooves and locking mechanism on the lid and at this period of is a non issue.
          This has not been an issue for the fridge cover has done its job well.
          So in this case, the fridge cover has been worth its purchase..the only problem is its' colour...why black?
          The fridge has performed well and has done what I have asked from in that case I can not complain.
          Today the fridge was in the camper in its' fridge box that was facing the hot western sun...this was not was just where I had parked the camper in the back yard..when I started the fridge to use it as a spare Xmas fridge.. the fridge temp gauge showed 41c and 43c it was bloody hot.
          The fridge got the seperate cabinet temps down to 20c and 25c...and then threw a error E5 code..I felt the fridge cover and it was bloody hot..meaning that the fridge was getting hot, so I just pulled the fridge slide out a bit further out from its fridge box to circulate a bit more fresh air around it and within 5 minutes the E5 code had vanished and the fridge continued on cooling its' cabinets..
          The time taken to cool the seperate cabinets from their start temps down to low 40c to 2c..was about 45 minutes..which under the circumstances was good considering the location of the camper..

          So far the fridge has performed above my expectations.
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            I have an old one of these i brought of Gumtree about 4 year ago for $375.00, bloke was too old to travel anymore.

            One basket has couple zip ties holding it together & has had since before i owned it, he used white ones & neat as a button .

            It's an older model no temp readings or alike, manual knob with numbers for temp 1 to 9. I have a Kings thermometer & can remote monitor from vehicle when travelling, camping, at home whatever so works a treat

            Once you get use to how suits me to use versatile set up & i like it.

            I would buy another one every day of the week, if the design fitted the dimensions at that time, it does at the moment due to low height where i have it fits the hole well.

            60 litre


            The best Aussie made i'm aware of though is Trailblaza, up too 5" insulation, but dimensions don't suit my current use.
            Hopefully they keep building them, long pedigree.

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              Peterng, thanks for the review and thinking of others. Kudos to you.


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                I have exactly the same fridge and have had it for about 3 years and cost $1050 delivered. A great fridge. I,ve had other Evakool models which have let me down.One was white fibreglass one that was power hungry and not very efficient at cooling due to the condenser being at one end. I use the fridge as a fridge both sides. One side at about 4 degrees and one side at about 2 degrees. Mine is equipped with the wireless app which I find to be a bugger to connect at times. A very common problem with this model, according to many reports, is the temperature variation the fridge displays. . I ignore the temp settings and once I find a temperature that suits I don't touch the fridge settings at all. I find the lid layout great for oading/unloading the fridge and for cleaning. Like most fridges power supply is critical. I upgraded the wiring too the fridge from the original iring that came new on the trailer. Also fitted anderson plugs. I now get 13.1 volts at the fridge plug all the time (lithium). This is where lithium also shines...its 13.1 constant volts for nearly 80% of its capacity is a lot better than the 12.3 volts of an AGM at around 50% of its capacity...fridge runs better with more voltage. I,ve monitored the amperage use and find that its no worse or better than the majority of fridges out there. I also installed a bigger fan in the fridge compressor department and 2 external fans near where the fridge sits in its slide. The external fans operate on a temperature relay cutting in and out depending on outside temperature. This mod has seen the power usage drop as the compressor is cooler. Like Peter I find the fridge to be a great piece of gear . I also have a 75 litre Travelmate that I use as a freezer in the back of the Pajero for extended camp trips. Picked it up for $450 brand new from a bloke who bought it and couldn't fit it in his boat. The freezer one has 2 small fans mounted inside the fridge to circulate the air which helps with freezing. You could do a lot worse than the Travelmate range
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