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  • FridgeMate fridge-freezer

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    Topic: FridgeMate fridge-freezer
    Posted: 14/April/2007 at 3:40pm

    After hearing some favourbale stories about the FridgeMate fridge-freezers I decided to purchase the 55L model recently.
    This is my first car fridge: to say I was excited to get rid of the esky and all the disadvantages of using ice would be a mild understatement
    Add to that a promised endless supply of cold beers, and I just couldn't wait to get away and test it

    Positives for me were:
    - Lengthwise, it fits nicely in the back of my NJ. Some of the other brands 60L models would have been too long.

    - It has a removable divider, which splits it into 50% freezer and 50% fridge. The element covers the 3 sides of the freezer section only, with a few holes in the divider to spread the cold into the fridge section.
    Can't wait to see the looks on my mate's face's at camp when I pull out the ice cream

    - nice square shape, easy to pack and use all of the available space. I looked at the Waeco 50L which appears to be much taller and narrower. To my eye the FridgeMate looks like it would hold considerably more, and be more accessible.

    - twin baskets included

    - rugged polyethylene cabinet. Until I build a slide and storage system, I can throw all the camping gear in the back with it and not worry about damaging it.

    - it uses the same Danfoss compressor as most of the other brands (except Engel)

    - Australian owned company, with good reputation for warranty support.
    - Reportedly low power consumption

    We've only been away twice with it so far, a weekend trip and at Easter - and already I've got a complaint! The things just too damn cold!
    Running it at 4/10 on the dial and as 100% fridge, placing a litre of milk against the element, it froze solid after 2 days (this was while running it inside at home before we left).
    Of course it also popped the cap and I had some milk spill into the cabinet, which made for a nice smelling fridge for the weekend. However that removable bung in the bottom which I'd thought unnecessary, came in very handy when returning home - just a spray with the garden hose to clean it out!
    Lesson learn't, and the dial stays on 3 or lower now.

    Needless to say, very happy with the 'cold power' of the FridgeMate.

    While I didn't measure power consumption, it ran for 48 hours last weekend without starting the car, and my Traxide SC-40 dual battery controller had still not isolated the starting battery. I was a little worried as I had just fitted the system myself, but the car did start easily when we left
    Based on this, and with a 100Ah deep cycle battery, I don't expect any problems with power for my usage (mainly weekend trips).

    A big thumbs up to the FridgeMate so far.

    Their website can be found here:

    I paid $970 at BCF, with 2 free camp chairs thrown in (RRP $25 each).
    For a 55L capacity and all the benefits stated above , I think this is great value.
    It would be nice if a fridge slide was available, however given the prices of some of these, I am quite happy to build my own for what I hope will be a lot less.

    We've just returned from the Sydney 4wd, camping & caravan show, and the FridgeMate can be had there for $970 - however you get a bunch of freebies thrown in, worth $320.
    This includes a 240v converter ($170 rrp or so) digital temperature guage, 12v worklight, and a 10L cooler.
    I think that's a fantastic deal - it's always the way, isn't it....
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    I've been looking to purchase Fridgemates more sophisticated cousin, the Evakool. The plus for both these fridges is that they are based on an esky and without electricity will keep things cool for days. I've got an Evakool esky at home and the idea of adding the fridge version means that once it's sealed the cold stays in. Engel, Waeco and others can't beat the insulation properties of the Evakool and FridgeMate. On top of that, the Frdigemate is virtually indestructible. You can drag it out and use it as a seat round the campfire and it will still keep things cold.


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      So whats the verdict after 3 years? Was it a good guy or not? Any let downs?


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        Had a 70 litre one for 2 years now. Ripper device (then again, anything is better than the 3 way we ran before that). Picked it up for low $800's, can't remember the exact amount, off ebay with free delivery! Went to Jaycar, picked up a 240 - 12 volt converter (6 amp) and a Hella socket and some wire for about $50 and voila, one drinks fridge when I'm at home too. Although, as my solar panels and battery are portable, the drinks fridge runs on free power, the 240v converter is the backup or when we take the fridge to a mates place to do drinks duties.


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