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    Thing is when camping you are alot more dirty than at home in the bath. maybe empty/flush after the first initial wash but that just sounds like to much work. I wanna be out & dry back to camping.
    Thing looks way too small for 2 people...
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      'The beauty of that it is a compact...a 500x500x150 tough fibreglass rota moulded base, with a shower tent included and a 12v pump/shower head that can be used ANYWHERE.
      I can load it in or on the anywhere in the camper...'
      I believe it's really compact.


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        I used mine over on Dirk Hartog island, and ended up setting the Joolca double ensuite up next to it for a change room and a place to put the portable loo.

        My eBay gas heater kept flaming out in a small breeze so it found a home inside the Joolca tent for protection from the wind. The evershower is great for the recycling aspect and if you need to capture any run off. If that’s not important I’d just use the Joolca alone.

        I’ve also been told you can option up the evershower with a better pump for pushing through a water heater, so keep this in mind if buying one. We used about 4-5 litres each shower when we recycled.
        A slightly larger volume of water worked better with the gas heaters thermal cut off when the intake water is getting hotter due to recycling. I think the glind was better for this aspect, so may plumb it back in, rather than stuffing about with the gas heater.
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          We completed a Easter camp with 4 days being in a national park... "off grid"..with a long drop nearby..actually as long drops go..this one was pretty good..not too "funky" the first thing in the morning when you lift the lid...this can bring tears to your eyes!
          Anyway..the EverShower was a hit..we had three fellow campers on the trip use it..
          I had the shower tent erected and had one person shower in it before another fellow camper had their shower tent up..
          There is nothing like having the capability to have a full shower after a hard days bush walking before settling down for the night in front of the camp fire.


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            I appreciated this thread but not the prices!

            I've tested (but not used in the wild yet) a cheaper DIY version with a standard 12v shower drawing from, and mounted over, a baby bath (bought cheap second hand) inside a standard shower tent. You lose a little water but so little it doesn't matter: a lot better than I expected actually.

            My original thought was a framed wading pool, the same size as the bottom of most shower tents. But the baby bath did the trick. Slightly cosy for the feet but not too bad.

            Our shower tent is $100 worth: or would be if it were new. The shower about $15 and the baby bath $5 second hand.
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              Quite some time ago, my wife and I were in Porcupine Gorge NP. We had gone down to the river and had climbed back up. It was a hot day and wen we got back to our caravan, my wife looked o=for the showers. Shock Horror - there were none! She said that she couldn't go to bed all hot and sweaty, so she would have a quick lick with a washer. I insisted that she have an Asian style mandi. There was a water tank at the toilet block, but the water was COLD. I got a 5 L bucket of water from the tank and filled a small saucepan, and boiled it on the gas stove. I then tipped the hot water into the 5 L bucket, stood outside on the grass (there was no-one else there) and tipped the saucepan over my head. So refreshing. Soaped up and did it again. Wifey was reluctant to try this, but she was so hot and sticky that she had to. She is now hooked on the idea, except one saucepan of hot water is not warm enough for her - she needs 2 boilings of the saucepan to get it warm enough. I have lived in SE Asia on and off for years, and know well the joys of a Mandi. Mind you, where we live, a mandi is NOT an option, but it works well up North.


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