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Fridge Box, Fridge Slide and Second Battery

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  • Fridge Box, Fridge Slide and Second Battery

    Here is the details of the MKI fridge box and slide.
    - After purchasing a 40L Engel fridge I needed some way to pack around the fridge and access the fridge when the paj is full to the brim.
    - Some of the options to buy seemed expensive (in the thousands), after looking around I purchased some 800mm 100kg rated draw slides and some ply wood and created the contraption that is displayed in the attached photos.
    - The box is mounted using the existing tie down points on the drivers side of the paj, to do this the base plate follows the curve of the wheel arches to pick up the back one.
    - Since I used up the two of the tie down points I installed four extra tie down points (two either side) of the box.
    - Fridge is tied in currently with rope.
    - Estimated cost of materials $250.
    Improvements for MKII fridge box
    - Cover in marine carpet
    - Improve fridge mounting

    Here is the details of the MKI Second Battery
    - Located in the fridge box
    - 50A main circuit breaker in fridge box
    - 2 x 16mm cables to a 50A Anderson plug
    - Accessory box (2 x 10A circuit breakers, 3 x 12V outlets)
    - 100ah haze gel battery
    - 2 x 16mm cables (from continuous relay located in bonnet, through fire wall, ran in cable zone down the LHS, across front of back seat, and behind rear RHS boot wall plastic to an 50A Anderson plug that hides where 3rd seat mounts)
    - Contionus relay comes on via a switch and key in the "on" position
    - Contionus relay connected to main battery through an 50A CB.
    - Estimated cost of materials $400.
    Improvements for MKII Second Battery
    - Voltage indicator
    - Current indicator

    Any comments, suggestions please let me know.

    Attached Files
    2008 NS 25th Anniversary 3.2L Auto - Mickey Thompson Baja STZ 265/60R18, Tow Bar, ARB Saraha Bar, Old Man Emu Nitro Charger Sport 2" lift.
    Limited Edition Mighty Bulloak Camper Trailer - All mods including a 2" lift.

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