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  • Storage Solution Complete

    Howdy All,

    I have finally finnished (well for the moment) my storage solution fo the back of the Paj, all made from MDF and covered in 'all purpose' carpet from bunnings. Its all done on the cheap but im happy with how it has come together.

    Currently only have one draw built as the little DSE cooler fits perfectly under the RHS of the shelf. The plan was that it was only built to that depth to allow the dog to sit on the floor still, thing is she loves to sit up on top and sticky beak out the window...

    I ran permanent power through last weekend to the amp, inverter and extra power sockets. Now all I need is the second battery to make sure I don't kill the important one.

    Bonus is that the eski fits nicely infront the step allowing it be easily 'got at' when I've got other stuff stacked up on top.


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    <bump> Photos have dissapeared and I'm sure they're the ones I'm looking for!
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