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The Thirsty October Tour of CQ and NQ.

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  • The Thirsty October Tour of CQ and NQ.

    Well we were fortunate enough to be free to travel around CQ and NQ.last week, got to see some great countryside and give the Pajero its first decent run on some back roads during our trip.

    Day 1 - Yeppoon to Sarina (via Duaringa)
    Day 2 - Sarina to Ravenswood (via Collinsville)
    Day 3 - Touring around Ravenswood
    Day 4 - Ravenswood to Lake Dunn
    Day 5 - Lake Dunn sculpture trail
    Day 6 - Lake Dunn to Salvator Rosa NP
    Day 7 - Salvator Rosa NP to Blackdown Tablelands NP
    Day 8 - Blackdown Tablelands NP to Yeppoon

    I'll post up some photos and a summary of what we seen during our tour, once I get around to it I'll also upload some stuff to our YouTube channel and website. It was a great trip, really learning how to not pack the Pajero for touring and getting how I want to set it up sorted in my head at least.

    Day1.jpg Day2.jpg Day4.jpg Day5.jpg Day6.jpg Day7.jpg
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    Sounds awesome enjoy it all 👍


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