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Will this affect 4WD travel in the Simpson and surrounds?

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    Jas I think you have touched on the essence of a form of inner wealth. I bitch about old people doing 40 up here who don't indicate and probably should have had their licence canceled on them years ago. The roads are bad and the lack of progress. But I am getting the picture that others know up here and why they complain and resist so much, it's the simplicity of life.

    I went to the big smoke yesterday, holy civilisation. The congestion, compactness, and lack of movement or flow even though its bustling. The noise, pollution, somehow complemented the greyness or harshness of it all, or the big brown river crawling with activity. Now Brisbane's very green and we were at Kangaroo Point cliffs abseiling so is a pretty spectacular part of it, but it was just weird these days. Herded humanity.

    I have lived in that city for 48 of my 51 years and one doesn't realise how obscured and restrictive it all is till they move to a quitter place. I am amazed what I was conditioned into accepting what life was, and what I needed to do to earn, consume, survive. All wrapped up in a likeminded consensus of being happy and free.

    We had lunch with friends and their 19yo daughter and her boy friend were there, currently in Uni. The question came up about hopes and dreams and as always its difficult to pin down. A story came about Port Lincon offering a GP 350K to come to town, I understand 180K in the average mark in the big smoke. But they can't fill the position. I said to this couple if you ever get an opportunity like that or even just a plain ol opportunity to do a tree or sea change, take it. Be brave and take it. I have never met anyone who has left the big smoke pining to return. If fact they all comment how it was the best thing they have done and wish they did it years ago. Yes it will be different, perhaps you will earn less, and convenances won't be laid on as much a the big smoke, but there is a peace (inner wealth) to be gained that's getting hard to find these days.

    Perhaps one don't even realise is there to be had. I used nature to source inner wealth. However I moved here to assist parents through their 80's, I didn't realise I was getting more for less. And yes it has been one of the best things I have done. The wife loves it giving up her 35 year position at a Brisbane hospital to take on a local nursing job with less pay. Would she go back not a chance. 10 minutes to work, no traffic, no traffic lights or jams, green, misty at times, unstressed friendly people, and the list goes on.

    But for the ones trapped in the city or perhaps not, I think our NP portfolio need expanding. That is if there is anything to add to them. The buying of land or tenure to preserve as an (inner wealth ) for society is priceless in my view. Something that is worth paying for, something that is worth preserving because when its gone its gone; it can't be rebuilt or made. Perhaps something worth voting for. I hope somehow for my own happiness, my kids, or just others we all come to appreciate and speak up for nature rather than be the coward. Just need politicians to listen.


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      Jaffles: I hear what you are saying. I came to Cooma nearly 56 years ago from Melbourne. My aim was to stay for a year to get some money and then travel somewhere. I am still here. I have travelled to lots of places for work, but always come back HOME. By choice, we don't even go to Canberra unless we have to, but as for going to Sydney , Melbourne or Brisbane, no way. We do go to these places for family or medical reasons, but get out as fast as possible. Hell, even Cooma seems to have peak hour rush these days! Maybe I am getting old, but I love my lifestyle. I love the clean air, cool nights, blue sky, no traffic (except in ski season when all hell breaks loose). I am sure there are others on this forum who are similarly located and would never dream of going back to the big smog again. I know that when i do go to the smog, I sweat blood driving there - they are all mad and want to jump in and out of my buffer zones as I drive along. Ugh!


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        [QUOTE=erad;n1096847]J I am sure there are others on this forum who are similarly located and would never dream of going back to the big smog again. I know that when i do go to the smog, I sweat blood driving there - they are all mad and want to jump in and out of my buffer zones as I drive along. Ugh![/QUOTE

        Yes....I agree ten thousand percent. There is a complication with the big smoke folk though. They have bought up big in the estate market and prices have gone sky high. Result is rental properties have disappeared and local employers can't get people to work here because there's no where for them to live. One issue ruining the ambience of my little village is that these big smokers have brought there big smoke me me me attitudes with them. Like I was doing a right hand turn into my driveway and Mr Self Entitled tried to overtake me....he lives in the house next door.....sigh.


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          When I was young and free, I moved to Wagga for work because the pay was the same as Sydney but the cost of living was significantly less. After 7 years I followed my wife to Brisbane because of the lack of job opportunities in Wagga. With remote working there are more opportunities in regional areas but many people need to move to the cities for job opportunities.

          Now that we have kids, there is no intention to move for work. Therefore we need to live in or near a city to have the job opportunities without having to move. Unfortunately companies generally don't look after loyal employees so you need to go elsewhere for better conditions.

          I do not have an issue paying a reasonable amount for access to our national parks as long as that money is going to preserving them for future generations.

          I think that we should be ready for more restrictions on 4wding and camping because it is more accessable then ever and no training or licencing required.No training generally means a lot of people learn by making mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes of others.
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            Originally posted by Shopping Trolley View Post

            I think that we should be ready for more restrictions on 4wding and camping because it is more accessable then ever and no training or licencing required.No training generally means a lot of people learn by making mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes of others.
            My 1st & 2nd vehicles were old bombs, Landcruiser utes, i was young lad & spanner in hand, so learnt how to fix them through trial & error !

            I drove those sucka's around & through the mountains i lived in, across dairy flats up river creeks along many private tracks, no one could care less. See an owner just explain how ya going yeah & move on.

            I also use to get around from age about 15, with shot gun on the back winda, in my fathers ute, he would be with me on most occasions & a belt of shot i learnt to make with my father, hunt simple things locally hares, ducks & quail mostly, down the local dairy.
            I didn't have to ask & use to say gidday or wave to the owner, his son & daughter who worked the farm & see them when i was grabbing the milk out of the vat as that's where our milk came from $0.60 cents per litre, which was similar to his wholesale price back then, they get paid less now, mear slaves to corporation niw they are/ de-regulation they called it.

            That was local life 43 k's out of Brisbane (I just checked the distance on whereis) & about 15 minutes to suburbia, but real suburbia lttle more to the East or Sth East to the city .

            I could see Mt Cootha towers, red lights flashing on a clear night

            If you worked in city, the "traffic" would start, 5k's out of the CBD is reality.

            That was 33-35ish years ago a round about.
            When we went proper bush, "free camp" we didn't even know the meaning on crown land we just "camped", of course when not in our local area we never trespassed, i spent quite a lot of time hunting with different hounds to mu utility dogs out West, very bad to tresspass, although Cubby Stations road, yeah OK on the way to Pig Box i might have been guilty, little bit, couple times!

            I learnt from experiencing life i guess & was no big deal being a "Young bull", licence for nothing & pay fees, yeah nah !

            Although i'm pretty sure Teewah beach & Co, you did need permit, Inskip point if i recall was also small fee.

            Anyways population growth is good for the country & our wealth so they say.

            Our wealth is being stripped, no matter how big your television is, standard of living is decreasing for the majority in many ways as Dick Smith points out.

            In my opinion only of course

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              I mentioned the issue with Vics state forests being raped and destroyed in an earlier thread. Many on here visit the high country and areas near Vics logging operations. I used to work for the Victorian Forestry Commission some 45 years ago and one of my jobs was travelling into remote high country and collecting mountain ash seeds. The country was wild and spectacular. So much has changed siince then. I cant believe the amount of bullshit 4wd shows promoting every owner to get out and keep on gouging the 4wd tracks into even deeper ruts to prove your masculinity. The mandatory high speed dash through large mud puddles is also part of becoming a weekend warrior..

              Anyway the link I have added shows just how corrupt and fraudulent Vic Forests are with taxpayers dollars and land..

              The ABC reveals alarming evidence that forests aren’t always being grown back after they've been logged, undermining a state-run timber company's claim to sustainability.
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                Yes there are many issues that decay our lives rather than enhance.

                Threads like this I wonder if the US style of urban crawl Australia has followed creating almost uninterrupted humanity from the Sunshine Coast to Northern NSW for example, as opposed to the European small towns and village is a typical self absorbed ignorgant human trait.

                We sure have adopted the small towns and villages concept with regards to National Parks. The parks may have their own identity and character but where nature is concerned many are just islands surrounded by humanity. Slowly dying from over use, and feral invasion, perhaps not to different from a small village or town ambushed by tourist seeking an outer city unique experience.

                The humans have claimed the vast green space perhaps nature should have kept. Foolishly clearing the calming effect, clean air, water, and biodiversity nature brings and at the same time loosing any hope of small town uniqueness. Sunshine coast to Nth NSW its all a bit the same. KFC, Coffee Club, Kmart, Bob Jane etc are everywhere, you have to seek a special unique experience not stumble upon one. One than makes this place different to the next, one that make your days different to the next. All this same same has a convenance element and profit side to it, but also has a boredom and loss. The experience of life can be all a bit hum drum with consumerism as the variant, and the only real difference is the lay of the land, or whats left of nature.

                Nature might be cruel, but its never greedy. As for the humans they can excel in both. Successful humans be city or country folk often buy up property like its a game of monopoly. Not happy with one house they roll on for more. Again humans unwitting contributing to the winners and losers of their surroundings. The human component probably their own children or friends children can't even enter the market, or find somewhere fairly priced to rent, so have to go elsewhere like an animal with no place to live anymore. Nature stands silently while the bulldozers come for more land clearing to create sardine housing to keep the economy ticking let alone more investment housing. And like the children who cares where the animals go. Governments securing votes endorse the cycle with first home buyers grants which inflates the pricing, and would never have the balls to address negative gearing, not even peg it back to the first investment house. So the game continues of winners and losers with Nature not even getting a piece to play with.

                I often wonder in those streets of sardine housing, if a block is 400m Sq. Instead of having street after street of then on them why not stack 10 houses on top of each other and give the other 9 blocks to nature. We still would have high density housing, but nature also has some where to live. The humans could park underneath and enjoy a nice stroll form one 10 stacker to the next. Perhaps a shop on ground floor, maybe a child care or kindy, or barber mid level. BBQ, Gym or pool on the top of the odd one. Pick you view from tree trunks and shrubs to whatever happens in trees all the way to the top.

                For the 2000 Sydney Olympics a competition was held to design the athletes village. There was a submission of a hollow tube like multi level building. It had various solar panels in the best place for the sun, it also had vegetation growing on the outside to help cool the building and for aesthetics. Furthermore it had recycled water powered by the sun pouring down the centre of the building for ambience, air flow, and more cooling. The winning entry was low level sardine type bungalows.

                More for less


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                  To answer the original question, the answer is no. It won't affect anything. It's purely semantics.

                  The area covered by the "new" NP is just the areas already covered by Witjira NP + the Simpson Desert Regional Reserve + the Simpson Desert Conservation Park. You already need a Desert Parks Pass to get into the area. All they've done is amalgamate the three parks into one, to create "the biggest NP in Aust"

                  It's just hot wind coming out of politicians who are in election mode.


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