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Tom Groggin to Omeo

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  • Tom Groggin to Omeo

    Has anyone done this run through the high country via Saffasfras gap ?

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    Obviously no-one has done this run before ....


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      you may be the first one ever let us know how you go


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        I haven't been there recently, but did part of it earlier this year. Its a pretty good track when it's dry. There's been a bit of rain up there of late and more on the way. The murray crossing is usually good, but it is quck to rise and when it's pumping through I wouldn't attempt it - unless the rain is from the east the rivers up this way drop pretty quick so it's no big hastle. From memory it's about 150km through from omeo to the alpine way. Take a chainsaw and plety of oil/fuel and a drag chain can be handy. Give DSE/Parks at Omeo a call as we got a notice a coupe of weeks ago saying they were going to be laying baits out there so they've likely been up there recently.
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          We were just at Tom Groggin. The Murray is still pretty low, crossed it numerous times with the water level rarely above the side steps. Tried a few of the tracks and they are all pretty dry and in good nick.
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            thanks John


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