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    Going west to east across the simpson in a few weeks, which line is best (to look at) French/WAA/etc?
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    Originally posted by marquis View Post
    Going west to east across the simpson in a few weeks, which line is best (to look at) French/WAA/etc?
    It depends what you're travelling in I suppose. I did it the harder way (east to west) last year and went via QAA line to Poeppel Corner then straight down the French Line. Get yourself out to Dalhousie Springs and head east from there. Once you reach Purnie Bore you're basically in the desert and the dunes start just past the Rig Rd turnoff. From here they continue to grow in size but the approaches from the west are a bit gentler than those from the east.

    Plenty of information here

    I'm also happy to add my personal experiences as will others on this forum. It's interesting to note that your Paj and mine are exactly the same.
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      I crossed the Simpson in August last year, west to east as you're doing.

      We took the Rig Road, then WAA line, detoured to the Lone Gum Tree then out past Poeppels to Birdsville. The WAA line was much nicer scenery than the Rig Road, but softer, slower and fuel consumption was definitely higher.

      4wding wasn't particularly hard when we went through - sounds like your Paj is well set up, so you should have a ball!


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