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Howqua Region/Vic High Country

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  • Howqua Region/Vic High Country

    I am after some advice on good 4wd treks around the Howqua Region/Vic High Country that have good bush camping that are suitable for a relatively novice 4 wheel driver. In the past, in my NE Pajero, I have done the trek down the Howqua Track, Brocks Road, up the Bluff Track to Bluff and Lovicks Hut, then back down to the Bluff Link Road, down to the Howqua River and up Bindaree Road to the Circuit Road. I really enjoy this trek as I love the area and it is comfortable for someone of my level of experience, but I have done it to death.

    On the weekend, in my new NS Pajero, I did a small variation of this area by going up the 16 Mile Jeep Track rather than Bluff Link Road to go from the valley of the Howqua towards the Bluff area. For the most part, the 16 Mile Jeep track was comfortable until the final climb towards Bluff Link Road. Man it was steep at that point! I was surprised at how the NS Pajero handled that climb in 2nd gear low range. Although it struggled to get over one of the final rain runoff mounds towards the top.

    For those who have done that track, how do you rate that track in terms of standard? The Bluff Link Road and Bluff Track to Bluff Hut is quite easy to me in comparison to the 16 Mile Jeep track.

    Anyone able to recommend a route around that area that would fit into the standard between the Bluff Link Road and the 16 Mile Jeep track that takes in good camping?


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    There's a book called '4wd trips around Melbourne'. I think that's the title (getting old and my memory fails me occassionally). It may be more to your level of skills. I'm assuming that you tend to travel alone (ie. in one vehicle), so it would be advisable to stay with the easy stuff and areas that receives a bit of traffic.


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