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uluru, king's canyon and alice springs

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  • uluru, king's canyon and alice springs

    Hi all,

    We are planning a two week trip to ulur and king's canyon in our NM Pajero. Besides the obvious are there any other areas to see or do that aren't listed frequently. We are palnning two nights at Yulara, and a couple at kings canyon and three at alice.


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    The Olgas are far better than the Rock so definitely go there and treat yourself to a walk through the Valley of the Winds while you are in Yulara. Before going, apply for a travel permit for the NT section of the Great Central Road. It allows you access to everywhere and you might want to see the Docker River area and it avoids you having to pay an entry fee. Permits are available from

    Kings Canyon walks alone can take a couple of days and the resort is a great place to camp. You can do it cheaper by staying at Kings Creek (80 kms east of the resort) but it's nowhere near as salubrious but it might be more interesting company.

    On your way from the Canyon to Alice stop off at the meteorite craters at Henbury. if you take the Ernest Giles Hwy (all dirt) it's on the way. Otherwise you detour off the Stuart if you stick to the bitumen.

    In the Alice the options are many:

    Telegraph Station

    Aboriginal Cultural Centre (right across the road from Stuart Van Park)

    Ross River including Jessie and N'Dhala Gorges

    But if you do nothing else, go to the Alice Springs Desert Wildlife Park - one of the best wildlife centres I've ever seen and make sure you take in the Raptor show. Amazing!!!!

    This might be a very interesting way to travel off the bitumen.

    I love this area of Australia and hope you find it as I do.


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      just take enough booz ,, its REALLY expensive,,,,,
      and tape up your back window with cardboard or 'corfluit' if you go OFF roading up that way,(unlike my mate in the picture)
      Also you might want to take a warm blanket coz im sure you will find yourself staring up at the stars on a clear night!!! i did
      wish i could join you ,,the scenery is stunning!!!
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        hi craig when are yo going up there i am planning on going on the next school hoildays thanks rob??


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          Just a word of warning on Green Monsters booze comment. We Territorians do like a drink so I like your way of thinking, however since Intervention came in there are laws regarding the consumption and carring of alcohol on Aboriginal Land. I hate seeing innocent people crucified for the actions of some not so innocent but you need to be aware. You may never be checked but there is always the chance that you could be. When it first came in they were pretty hot on it here and we now have a permit system to buy take away alcohol in some parts of the Territory. I don't know how to attach URL's yet but if you just google "alcohol on aboriginal land" you should get the information you need to at least be aware. Drinking at a licenced premises is not a problem (until you get to the happy zone and then you're cut off for intoxication). Now I need a drink. Where did I put it? Ahha next to my permit , which is beside my computer in my own house.
          Enjoy your trip.
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          Yet to happen: Front air locker, led telescopic work lights.


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            We are heading to The Rock and surrounding areas in September aftre visiting the Flinders Ranges. We are unsure whether to visit Alice or just head to the Rock, the Olgas and Kings Canyon. Is it worth the drive to Alice?

            Cheers, Sam.
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