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Cairns to Cape York and Return

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  • Cairns to Cape York and Return

    Hello All,

    Has anyone been up to Cape York recently. I am thinking about planning a trip up there next year and need some sort of guide as to how long it takes (days) from Cairns return.

    If anyone has been up there recently i would be happy to hear from you.


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    Are you sure you wish to go up?

    Personnel experience I would much prefer other spots.

    If so - it depends on you - you are looking at 14 days min travel if your including Weipa and Daintree/Cooktown
    Eg nights:
    1) Cairns area (we stayed at Crystal? Big4)
    2) Cape Trib
    3) Cooktown
    4) Before Coen (cannot remember the place - station)
    5) Along OTL - Eliot Falls (one of the falls has reasonable camping)
    6) Along OTL
    7) Near Seisa
    8) Weipa
    9) Weipa
    10) Coen (homestead motel/bnb)
    11) Archer River
    12) Musgrave
    13) Atherton

    You get the general idea.
    Note OTL crossings can be deep (ie bonnet depth in the Pajero) so make sure you have a snokel. End of the season the water on OTL can still be to the top of the tyres. Expect rocky crossings (if you pick the wrong line on some crossing you will scrap badly). Gunb crossing south to north.

    There are very bad corro's particularly on the bypass roads.

    There are penty of fuel stops and places to obtain food up top (eg Weipa, Bamaga)

    Note the beer/wine/mixed drink restrictions up there.
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      Thanks Marquis,

      By the sound of it you didn't like the trip ? ANd when were you up there last ?



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