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Anne Beadell Hwy Coober pedy - Vokes Hill corner-Cook

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  • Anne Beadell Hwy Coober pedy - Vokes Hill corner-Cook

    Hi all,
    I have just completed a trip with my daughter that went from canberra to coober pedy and then onto the Anne Beadell hwy.

    trip report is as follows:

    The road from Coober pedy west is full of corrugations sized 5-10 cm in height. Th e road is wide and easy to follow with the corrugations ceasing around 10 km past Emu. This is about a day and a quater of travelling. The road is not rutted to badly (some sealed Canberra roads are worse) with the average speed around 15km/h. You could travel at 60 km/h if your suspension could handle it. I chose not to. the native wells are all filled in or caved in so carrying water is a must. We had 50L and 60L diesel and came out at the nullabor road house with 20 L of each. The road from Emu to vokes hill corner is very good but it has some rutting up the dunes. I breezed up them in 4WD High and 3rd to second gear depending on the slope. Vokes Hill corner south to the oak valley community turn off is narrow with the mirrors needing to be pulled in. Expect scratches. this was the best part of the dune driving. Again no water in the native wells. Oak valley community turn off to Cook is a 100km/h run with some places needing to go slower due to the bull dust patches. Nullabor road house is a rip off with diesel at $1.79 per liter when 100km down the road it is $1.38 per liter. A plate of chips was charged at $16.00 and showers are $1.00 per 5 minutes. DON'T stay there as the bedding is filthy. I pulled back the sheet in the daughters bunk and found a white crystall powder all over the sheets. My bed sheets had dried white stains on them (at least the previous tennants has fun). My mates bed had after shave smell on the pillow case. (Not happy Jan) I talked to other travellers down the track and found that some had similar problems and others said it was fine exept for the prices. At the head of bight we paid to see whales as the access is on aboriginal land and were told that there were 16 whales there. A 5 minute walk discovered that there were none. Money not refundable. Fowlers Bay was great and the owners are friendly and happy to give advice. The dune driving was great as well. All in all I travelled 6,604 Km

    Hope this helps you with your travels

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