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Can I Increased tyre size

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  • Can I Increased tyre size

    Looking to increase my tyre size from 265 . 60 R18 to 265 . 65 R18. (Thinking Falken Wildpeak AT 3)
    The problem I have is I don’t think the spare wheel holder on the tail gate will allow for the increased size. Id imagine this problem has been addressed by many of you before, what did you do?
    Thanks in advance for any advice 😀

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    Increasing the tyre diameter by a 5% profile change results in a 26.5mm increase in diameter. This is a very common upgrade size and it fits within the tyre carrier, if you have a tyre carrier lift kit fitted then some minor trimming of the plastic will be required for some brands of aggressive AT/MT and MT tyres. I am not sure about the top cover fitting, if you have one.

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      I have 265/60R18 Dueler 697's with a spare wheel lift, minor trimming & no top cowl to fit the spare wheel lift with this tyre. The trimming was no big deal just the plastic mouldings that the top cowl screws too.
      If i was to fit 265/65R18's i find it difficult to think the spare wheel wouldn't clash with the rear windscreen wiper with spare wheel lifted?
      Be great if it didn't but reckon it will on mine.
      What i am thinking is once i do my suspension the EBH at the moment is 480mm when hitched to trailer, i should be looking at 50mm lift of the ball there minimum + fit an Ark tongue which has a shorter plate/ tongue which will also increase ball height by 20mm (already brought one home from work & measured against Mitsy tongue). Then i will put my tongue "rite way up" as it's inverted & take spare wheel lift plate off & 265/65R18's should fit.
      But due to jockey wheel that i will also have to change which i want to anyhow long term, i want dual wheel jockey wheel & it is more adjustable to suit.
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        Thanks for the replies/advice.
        I will modify the plastic trim on the spare wheel holder but can see the rear wiper may present a problem..


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