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Largest Tyre Size for NH Pajero

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  • Largest Tyre Size for NH Pajero

    Hi all, looking to buy some new mud terrain tyres for my NH shorty. I currently run 31 x 10.5 R15 muddies but would prefer a larger size. I want 33s but my tyre dealer seems to think that the front end would struggle with 33s, particularly at full flex. He has suggested 32 x 11.5 R15. I have a complete OME suspension set-up on my Paj with the torsion bars wound up which has given about a 2" lift.

    What is the largest tyre size you have had on your NH? Does anyone agree that 33s would be too big for the front end on an NH, even with a 2" lift?

    Any comments appreciated. NHshorty.

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    i have seen a nj lwb running 33x12.5 mickey ts to fit them it had a 2" suspension lift and a 2"body lift the fella that owned the paj claimed to have had no trouble but i dont know whether or not he was not talking out of his rear the only thing i know for sure is that it looked fn tuff


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