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Loose shock absorber!

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  • Loose shock absorber!

    Have had a close call this morning with the vehicle - about 9 months ago I had new springs and shocks fitted. I was *supposed* to bring the vehicle back after a month to have the suspension checked and tightened etc, but because the fitter was across Melbourne from where I lived, I never got around to it.

    Well, the front left suspension has been making a bit of a squeaking noise for a few months - nothing serious, just a minor niggle you could hear while the window was down. A little voice at the back of my head said "I really should take a look at that" but never got around to it. Then this week I noticed that that tyre has started to scrub very quickly, whereas before there's been little or no wear from alignment issues for about 10,000km.

    Vehicle is in for new brake linings today at a brake place, and I mentioned the squeak to the mechanic - just got off the phone to him. The nut on the bottom of the shock absorber was holding on by about 1/2 a thread turn, and was probably only a matter of days from falling off altogether.

    Check those squeaks!

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    Similar incident.
    After a wheel alignment I noticed a knock occasionally coming from the front left suspension. I found the top securing nut on the shocky was missing. The workshop was very apologetic and blamed the apprentice.

    I was glad to find the problem before the 100km trip home.
    2010 NT D-ID


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      While crawling under mine having a squiz I thought I would see if the rattle was under or in the car. Turned out the rear passenger shock was loose on the top. Tightened it up from the two turns it was on and now she not bouncing all over the place. Previous to that I had to put a bolt in the trailing arm rear most spot cause it was missing.

      So get under and have a look to make sure of things.
      It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

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