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Bilstens 2.5years

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  • Bilstens 2.5years

    Both rear Bilstens are dead and leaking. Only lasted 2.5 years. To be honest I had expected longer.

    Car has done 90k but only got them on around 50k I think.

    Choice is now do a replace them both with Bilstens again or do something else. I have a 40mm lift and Pedders HD Springs in the rear with Polyairs.
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    I'd be chasing up the supplier. 50K not good enough IMO
    Cheers, John.
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      Bilsteins can be rebuilt. Ours have nearly 4 years and 100,000 hard km on them and they are fine. Try having a chat to the aussie importer / wholesaler. I cant remember their name but know that they are in Sydney.
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        Everyone says the bilsteins can be rebuilt but every person I've known who has tried this is told it's about the same cost as a new pair and they end up buying new ones. Anyone actaully know anyone that's got one rebuilt?


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          Originally posted by mrbitchi View Post
          I'd be chasing up the supplier. 50K not good enough IMO
          I "HAD" Ridepro big bore on mine, 2years 2 months on them, 5000km max on them, I have BMW for city car, It just takes me fishing, which explains low KM. The warranty was 2 years 40,000 whichever is first, guess what they wouldn't budge on warranty.
          So I have no problem telling everybody stay clear of this brand!


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            50,00 km is nowhere enough....I reckon contact the importer here:


            They've been around since Methuselah was a boy - I got some work done there about 35 years ago on an early Mazda rotary.

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              Depends what sort of enviroment you are in. If you do a lot of outback work on high speed corrugations or dunes like the Simpson then 50k is pretty good.
              It will cost you about 1/2 the price of a new set of Bilsteins to get the rebuilt. Well worth it.


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              You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. - Homer Simpson


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                I agree - I don't expect 100k from my set due to the amount of poor roads I have been on. Bilsteins can be rebuild providing there are not dents etc on them - but you will not have them for a few weeks.

                I would try warranty first... You may be surprised with receiving a new set!
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                  I am not expecting much luck on the warranty. Richard at Motorcare checked and they are over the time and klm for warranty, not much but still over.

                  Still for what you pay for Bilsten I had expected better.

                  Not sure about the rebuild option. I am thinking of trying another brand.
                  Pajero Exceed 3.8l, BFG AT 275/70, Narva Ultima 175 spots, o2 Jamin with BT GPS, O'Briens camping trailer, 2" Lift with Bilsten Shocks.


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