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  • Goodyear Silent Armour

    Looking for reports, good, bad or otherwise, on Goodyear Silent Armours. Thinking of trying these on my NP as replacement for Yoky AT2, which where almost the worst tyre i have used. Very noisey and very little grip in the wet once past 20k.

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    What size?

    I have the LT construction 265/75/16 - see previous posts
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      Don't have them myself but there's been a few threads on Exploroz in recent times that give them a good rap.
      Cheers, John.
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        I just bought them in 265/70-17.

        I have done less than 1000km on them so can't comment too much be they are definately quiet and grip will in the wet.
        I have only heard good things about them and I wanted a tough desert tyre so hopefully this is it.


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          I have them in 265/75R16 on my Triton. Have done 10,000k, minimal treadwear so far, and no chipping of the lugs like I used to get on Coopers.

          On dry and wet tar and dirt I'm very happy with them. However in mud (clay), they aren't so good and unfortunately with my line of work lately I have to deal with a lot of mud. Seems the tread blocks up and they basically become slicks. Yes I probably should have gotten MT's, but we've been in drought for my last 3 set of tyres

          Plus I do the occasional highway trip and wouldn't really like to do it with MT's.

          My 0.02c worth - hope it helps

          Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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            I can second the motion for guming up in the mud. BFGs on same trip (different vehicle) cleared the mud much better. Otherwise good overall.


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              I've got the Goodyear silent armour on my NL Pajero, in 265/75 R16. They don?t exactly look that mean, the pattern looks better than some other all terrains, but doesn't give that mean off-road look like the MTR's. Having said that I do like the labelling of the tyre, looks magic with the white writing on the black tyre.

              They are the best tyre I have used so far in terms of grip on the road, very quite as well. As already mentioned, they don't go great in the mud, but none the less are still good. The one down side I find, compared to other tyres, which some people may like, is that it won?t chirp if you do a roundabout to fast, or spin the wheels. The type bloke said its cause of the Kevlar that?s in it.

              All in all, very good, only other down side would be the labelling on the sidewall, tends to come off on mine, but I?m not sure how that compares with other brands. Would definitely recommend them.



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                Sorry bit late - I put them on my NS in 265/60/18 and think they are great - onroad better than Dueller HT, quiet and great grip dry and wet. Offroad only had in fairly dry but really do really well up and down steep trails in highlands and sand, rocks, crossings etc. I think they are great but they are expensive at least in my size. Lots of reviews on tirerack website.
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                  Thanks everyone for the info. Sorry about the delayed reply but have been away for a couple of weeks. Bought S/A in 265/65 x 16 and am very happy with them so far. Havent had the opportunity to get dirty yet as most of my offroading is done in the dry season up here.


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