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V5MT1 Gearbox

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  • V5MT1 Gearbox

    Hi All (I have also posted this thread in the vehicles section as I don't know what section will get the best response).

    Need to replace my gearbox. Have got a decent price on a reconditioned box ($850) but can also get hold of a second hand box for around $100 with transfer case. Second hand box has 150K on it and mine has done 240K. Which way would other owners go? Also what are other Paj owners experience with these type of gearboxes and how many Km's is usually expected from one of these boxes?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like asking a reasonable question is a waste of time on this site.


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      Ohhh come on Raurrie, lot of guys on holidays at the moment. Those gearboxes are normally good for more than 240k. Although they do get knotchy through the synchroes. But if you are going to keep the Paj for a while I would be going the reco option. Second hand box is certainly the cheaper option but at least if there is a problem with the reco job you have probably got some sort of warranty. Only thing with these boxes is using the correct oil.(Castrol VMX 80)
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        Raurrie, I agree with Dave. If you are going to keep the car spend the $850.
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          Thankyou guys. That was just the advice I wanted. I do apologise but I thought that it was the only way to get a response from others.


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