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15x7 Rims to fit NJ GLS

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  • 15x7 Rims to fit NJ GLS

    Hi guys,
    I bought a 94 NJ GLS a couple of months ago, and have been reading all the posts in the forum to try to get up to speed.

    The car has the factory 15x7 alloys with 31x10.5x15 Cooper S/Ts on the front (half worn), and 31x10.5x15 Goodyear H/Ts on the back (almost brand new). From the couple of times I've got the car muddy so far, it seems that the Coopers work quite well, and the HT's on the back are pretty useless when it comes to gripping offroad.

    Since the HT's are almost brand new, I'd like to keep them for road driving, which the car does most of the time, and get a couple of second hand rims/ mud or AT tyres to use offroad. This sounds easy enough, but the issue of the correct rim offset is a little confusing. To keep things simple I'm planning to stay with 15x7 rims and 31x10.5x15 tyres.

    Can anyone comment on what 15x7 rims have been found suitable for a NJ Pajero?

    From reading around, it appears that I either require rims with the "Nevara" offset (which seem pretty rare second hand) or apparently some people have had success with 15x7 rims from a GQ Patrol.

    I've seen plenty of 7JJ x 15 sunraysia rims advertised, which appears to match the "7JJ" on the tyre placard, but I assume that "7JJ x 15" rims would also come in different offsets.

    Can anyone comment on what successful combinations they have used?


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    This would be really what you want for the NJ -13 offset.
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      I run Patrol offset (zero offset) on my NJ with 33" tyres. Factory alloys were +10mm offset with 30" tyres.
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        Hi, most Nissan rims fit OK I have 15x8 nissan patrol mags on my NF. I am runnining 9R's now as 10R's were just out side the flares ( factory) , Cheers Des


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          Hi, thanks for the replies guys.

          I have bitten the bullet and gotten some new Yokohama GO12 A/T-S tyres. The dealer has to get two of them delivered, so for the moment I have ended up with with the new Yokos on the front and the Coopers on the back, so I can still get the car dirty this weekend. It should be interesting to see whether this combination is much different to when they're all Yoko A/T. On the drive home most of the road noise had moved to the back, so far I can conclude that the Coopers STs are noisier than H/Ts or the Yoko A/T-S on the road.

          When the tyres were being put on the car the tyre fitters arced up and didn't want to fit the 31 x 10.5 xR15 tyres as that was different to the tyre placard (265/70 R15). When I pointed out that it really wasn't that much different, they got out the tyre calculator - if anyone is interested the 31x10.5R15s are approx 30mm larger in diameter than the standard 265/70R15s (and make the speedo read 4.45% on the low side).
          Since they had the tyre calculator out I asked about a couple of other combinations. It turns out out that the "standard" 265/70R16 tyres/rims fitted to later (than NJ) Pajeros are about ~20ish mm larger in diameter than the standard, so are actually a slightly closer fit to the "standard" tyre placard. As it was getting close to 5pm, they lost interest after this and just fitted the damn tyres. Finally I heard the tyre fitter say "but why does he want to move the Coopers on the back when the H/T tyres have more tread?". I guess he'll find out out if I have to come back and claim the "Road hazard" warranty

          I'm keeping the old tyres and still looking out for rims so I will have spares - if only I could figure out how not to get beaten by $0.50 in the last 5 seconds on ebay....


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            if only I could figure out how not to get beaten by $0.50 in the last 5 seconds on ebay....[/QUOTE]

            How that has piseed me off - until I got to understand how the ebay system works......

            If you are winning the auction right up to the last 15 sec with a $20 bid you reckon that you are in -OK but if in the last 10 sec some boffin launches a bid of $35, Ebay will accept the bid and the boffin will be the nw high bidder at $20.50 - or what ever ebay adds to the last bid depending on the $$ value ( its a sliding scale for which the margin increases as the value of the item increases).

            He or she has actually thrown a bid some $15 higher than yours but 'as it should' ebay only useses what it needs from the boffin to win the item.

            In the past I have often wondered how the other ebay party could keep outbiddinbg me at the very last minute (ie how the hell did they know what my upper bid was?) by a measly 50 cents - NOW I UNDERSTAND THE EBAY SYSTEM.

            I hope this helps your ( and my ) ebay frustrations!!

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              I discussed this with Mr Grumbe in the bit's and pieces area. Getting a little tired of the whole e-bay thing, not really all that many deals in there anymore.

              Check the posts in that area, there is a link to a really cool web page that has a calculator for working out the tyre's OD (outside diameter).

              Keep looking for the wheels, why not go for 16", I had a doozy of a time getting second hand 15" stuff for my camper trailer, but 16" was all the go.

              Good luck.

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