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Rims and Tyres for 1999 NL Pajero

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  • Rims and Tyres for 1999 NL Pajero

    Hi all,

    My paj has some pretty small tyres on it at the moment, 235/75 R15's on what I am guessing are 15x6 inch alloy rims.

    I am looking to get some larger tyres and am after some advice. So far I am considering 31x10.5 R15's on new steel 15x7 rims. At this stage I am just considering rim and tyre size (not brand) so any advice appreciated. Nowadays I am only using the paj for trips, a fair amount of sand, gravel and dirt tracks. I hardly use it at all for driving around the metro area/bitumen. Most likely I will go for an all terrain tyre, but i could be swayed for a more aggressive tread by the salesman!

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hey Willywish

    Almost anything is possible - but the questions go something like this
    1. What State do you live in - some are really strict on changing overall wheel/tyre size, this is a legal issue.
    2. who are you insured with and what is their policy - or what is the policy of an alternative insurer??
    3. Perhaps this should be the first question but THE answer is academic if the one or both of 1 or 2 knocks out the option!! - what is the biggest tyre and rim combo that will fit??

    To answer the 3rd question first - I reckon there are a lot of other forum members better qualified to answer but from what I have heard given standard suspension 33" tyres or their equivalent overall diameter is about as big as you would want to go.

    I reckon that NL Escapes with the std tyres and flares look really under tyred
    - 31 X 10.5 look the part but bigger tyres will add further underbody ground clearance (very good when playing!!).

    Invariably if you want to change to a 'better' tyre size the 15X6" rim will not cut the mustard - 15 X 7 or 8" will be needed or perhaps a step up to a 16 X 6" (minimum) 7" rim ................

    I bet if you check out your speedo against a GPS it is 10km/hr or more out (on the low side) - so by changing to a bigger tyre your speedo will be more accurate - ie now have to be careful about creeping over the speed limit a bit.

    Of course - bigger tyre means loss of bottom end grunt - just a thought.

    I look forward to following your thread and it's responses

    Cheers, Lambie
    NJ 1996 ITD GLX (poverty pack) with a couple of extras, ARB bar, dual batteries plus redarc, Glind shower, some roo spotties, running 235 85 R16 AT's for the road and MT's for the tracks, tweeked torsion bars, Free wheeling front hubs, Poly airs and prodegy electric brakes for the camper, GME radio thingy, Long range tank, cargo barrier, have I really spent all this on my bus??


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      Thanks Lambie, I'm now starting to think that I should step up to a 16x7" rim as there seems to be alot more tyres in that range such as 265/75.R16's. There is also more LT construction tyres in that size. I am primarily using the paj for trips into the outback or local offroad 'weekend fun' nowadays so I'll probably look to a AT or more aggressive tread in the way of tyres.

      I'm in WA, so in terms of legalities I'll have to find out about this. My Paj has no flares etc so I have to take this into consideration also, as well as rim offset etc so it is all starting to get complicated! I am hoping someone here on the forum knows from first hand experience and can tell me what I should do.

      My goal is to get some further lift and ground clearance plus make her look a little more the part.... I upgraded the suspension about 3 years back and got about a 2 inch lift and I reckon I can get at least another inch with the tyres/rims.

      Hopefully someone here will be able to put me on the right track....


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        Hi WillyWish,

        I went through this pain just about a month ago. I have an NL GLX with 235/75R15 and spent ages deciding on tyres. 235/75R15 equates to 29". I initially wanted to go to 265/70R16 (similar to 31" and standard fitment on GLS models) but eventually decided against it as the 16" tyres were more expensive than 15".

        As a result, I ended up with 15x7 rims (ROH rims with Navara offset) running 31x10.5R15. On the GLX (without the factory flares) the tyres protrude by about 20mm.

        Runs better on the highway now with lower revs and so less stress on the poor diesel. In my opinion the 5th gear on TDI models are under geared. It would be nicer if it ran about 2500rpm for 110km/h rather than 3000rpm. Better for fuel economy too!

        Hope that helps.
        1998 NL 2.8TD, GLX, manual, 255/85R16 BFG KM2s, custom rock sliders, custom winch bar


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