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Brought a set of Cooper HT Plus

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  • Merts
    My NS had the HT Plus on it when I bought it. They do have a high load rating and seem to be very solidly made. Probably one of the more dirt road/track capable road tyres around IMHO. I did find them pretty harsh as far as ride goes, and relatively noisy. The AT3s I have now give a more comfortable ride, are better off road, and are actually less noisy than the HT Plus were.

    They were a lot more than $200 a corner though .

    You've got a pretty good deal I reckon.

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  • Jords
    started a topic Brought a set of Cooper HT Plus

    Brought a set of Cooper HT Plus

    Hi everyone I got myself a set of these in 265/60/18 at $200 per corner (grey import) I think that they're a bargain.

    But I have been waiting for some wet weather before some feed back.
    First thing I did notice is that they're a bit heavier on the juice.
    They do feel a bit squirmy over the tyres I got rid of (Dunlop AT20) but they are a blockie pattern.

    However so far in the wet great! the second I got a few spots onto my windshield in the last tyres it was straight in 4X4 but with these I can confidently remain in 2X4 I really have to punch the loud peddle in a roundabout or corner to loose traction and when I went to 4X4 I really had to push hard through a large roundabout to enforce any drift.

    I would like to try some off roading in them as the pattern does look more aggressive than the old Dunlop AT20s I had on, and the side wall feels much stiffer.

    As to the wear rate well its only been a month so I will see how that goes.

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