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Dobinson springs-right curvature?

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  • Dobinson springs-right curvature?

    Hi there,

    I just purchased a new suspension for my NP DiD, Billsteins with Dobinson springs. They are to be installed on Thursday and the plan is to leave for outback on Sunday .

    However, having a look at the springs, I got a bit concerned. The curvature of the front springs is such that they will not sit flat onto the brackets on front struts. If I put the spring on the strut so that the spring sits flat on the bracket, the strut is tilted inside the spring. Yes, the compression will force the spring to sit flat in the bracket, but that would give quite a bit of sideways force on the strut. Is that acceptable, or I got faulty springs? Pics are attached.

    I also noticed that the end of one spring is bent flat more than the other (first pic). Further, when I put the spring on the strut, the spring can move sideways in its seat ( i.e. bracket on the strut) by 5mm. In other words, the inner diameter of the spring is 5mm larger that the diameter of the bracket it sits onto. One of the springs also has a roughly cutt-off end, so that when the strut is centered in the spring, the only contact point between the spring and bracket on the strut is that one bulge at the end of the spring (see last photo, where darkened spots show where the contact was).

    I did try to swap the struts, it made no difference, i.e. the LH and RH struts are the same..

    I wouldn't like to have the suspension installed, just to have to remove it soon afterwards. Even worse, I wouldn't like to get stuck out there with damaged strut because of that sideways force on its rod when the spring is tensioned.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is this really an acceptable tolerance for the springs?


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    2005 manual NP 3.2l DiD GLX, ARB bullbar, Bridgestone D697 265/70/R16LT

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    It will sit right once there is some weight on it and there are always some variations in coils. Nothing to worry about though.


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      Thanks Chris,
      This makes me feel easier. I read many threads before posting this and there were stories of noises coming from the struts, because the springs didn't sit well and were moving in the brackets because the spring diameter was too large. I hope this doesn't happen here . Will post how they behave on the trip in 3-4 weeks time .
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      2005 manual NP 3.2l DiD GLX, ARB bullbar, Bridgestone D697 265/70/R16LT


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        I've currently got an issue which Dobinsons are looking into, my lower front strut mount bushes have gone for the second time while under warranty. Also at full flex the strut is hitting upper control arm which could be causing the problem i'm having, photos have been taken and sent off to Dobinsons to look into, i must say their after sales service is beyond excellent, they have been very helpful so far.


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          My Dobinsons with Koni 90/88 will be installed after next week. I'm very curious how did you go with your issues, can you please keep this thread updated?
          2013 Pajero GLXR - ARB Bullbar, Warn XD9000, HID lights, UHF radio, Dual Battery with IBS isolator, Dobinsons/Koni 90/88, ARB alloy roofrack, cheap chinese fridge at the back which works well, ARB awning + Oztent RV5 TagAlong tent, BF Goodrich A/T with 2 spare, The Outback knife hanging on my belt. Future projects: smart drawer system (I'm a cabinetmaker), LRA long range tank, save lots of time to travel


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            Photos of it were sent to Dobinsons the other day and am waiting for their reply. They replaced first bushes no questions asked but now it's showing signs of it again on both sides we looked further and found the full flex issue of strut hitting. I'm hoping they'll have a solution as other brands aren't doing that as far as i know.
            Soon as I hear back i'll let you know.



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              The fit and variation above looks acceptable.

              Lower strut bush failures are mainly due to the bolt being tightened before the vehicle has weight on it.
              When installing leave bolt finger tight, settle vehicle on the ground and only then tighten the bolt.
              If you dont do this the bush is preloaded and will tear easily.


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                Actually caused due to top bolt not being inline with lower strut bush housing which causes strut to want to twist while articulating. Your theory is also correct BUT does not have as much affect on bush as not being aligned.


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                  Well, the trip to Flinders Ranges went well and there were no problems with the suspension. There was plenty of driving on corrugations at 80 km/h and I would imagine if there was something wrong, I would know about it by now . The suspension did a pretty good job.
                  After owning a 60 series with 12HT engine for 10 odd years, I was wondering how would Pajero cope on this trip. I am happy to say, it did everything I needed it to do, except one thing: its reverse gear was too fast when we got stuck near top of a steep tall conical hill. I had to use brakes reversing down the hill, with frequent stopping to let them cool down. Paj was much more agile than 60 series and had great fuel consumption. I was worried about lower ground clearance, but that was not an issue at all. I have to say, I didn't do any rock crawling or any particularly tough tracks, just the National Parks tracks in Northern and Southern Flinders (with an odd excursion off these tracks ).
                  2005 manual NP 3.2l DiD GLX, ARB bullbar, Bridgestone D697 265/70/R16LT


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