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Tyre Types HT and HL

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  • Tyre Types HT and HL

    My NP has bridgestone "H/L" tyres all round except for the passenger rear which is a "H/T" which seems to have a chunkier type of tread

    Can someone explain the differences, which ones i should put on, and is it ok to mix/match tyres H/L on the front, and H/T on the rear as the rear H/L is nearly bald and dont want different types left/right

    2005 NP GLX Pajero 3.8L 5sp auto 198,000km

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    HL tyres are Highway Luxury, these a a grey import tyre from the USA, Bridgestone D683, Jaxquickfit Tyres sells them. These tyres are equivalent to HT Highway Terrain tyres and are both "P" Rated Passenger Construction.

    It is not recommended to use different tyres, best to have all the same size, construction and tread pattern on all tyres including the spare.
    It is illegal to run different size or construction tyres cross axle.

    cheers, old Jack.
    2011 PB Base White Auto, Smartbar, Cooper STMaxx LT235/85R-16,TPMS, HR TB, 3 x Bushskinz, front +40mm Dobinson , rear +50mm EHDVR Lovells, Dobinson MT struts and shockers, Peddars 5899 cone springs, Windcheater rack, GME UHF, Custom alloy drawer system inc. 30lt Engel & 2 x 30 AH LiFePo batteries + elec controls, Tailgate hi-lift/long struts, Phillips +100 LB & HB, Lightforce 20" single row driving beam LED lightbar, Scanguage II.
    MM4x4 Auto Mate, Serial No 1 .


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      thanks mate, question answered
      2005 NP GLX Pajero 3.8L 5sp auto 198,000km


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