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Steel wheels for NM Exceed

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  • Steel wheels for NM Exceed

    Does anybody know who makes 16x7 or 16x8 steel wheels for the NM Pajero? All places I have tried advise that the offset is too great and wheels they currently make will not fit.

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    You'll be hard pressed finding new steelies. This topic has been discussed many times before. Basically there are two brands that produced steel rims to suit the NM/NP. You'll find that Mullins and Mangels are no longer made.

    Try ebay and tradingpost from time to time. You could always source a set of 16x6 OE steel rims off a GLX from a wrecker/recycler.

    Good luck!


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      Pajero 16 X 6 Steel Wheels

      I was at 'The Tyre Factory' Mitcham Vic the other day buying a spare Cooper STT. I was asking if they could get a 'Mangels' wheel (16 X 7) for me as I wanted another for 2nd spare ---- no longer available in Aust. Denis the Proprieter mentioned that he had four 16 X 6 steel original Pajero rims in his storeroom for sale @ $110.00 each.

      Tyre Factory 462 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham Vic (03)9873 1322

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