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Diff milkshake!

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  • Diff milkshake!

    Crawling around under the NP DID on the weekend I discovered what looked like an oil leak down the drivers side of the engine bay:

    Thought it was a bit odd as it was down the side of the engine bay, not around the sump or turbo where there would likely be oil. It didn't smell like engine oil either. So I started to suspect brake fluid.

    But when looking from the top found that it was coming from the diff breather (the breathers hide just under the air cleaner box).

    What would cause that I wondered, and then remembered that water crossing last weekend that was just a little too deep for comfort, so I pull the drain on the front diff and found this:

    Yum. The transmission (manual) was similar, so I ended up changing all the driveline fluids. There wasnt a huge amount of water in them but enough to discolour the oil. So I guess my message is to check yours after any deep water work.

    Cheers - Pat
    2016 Mitsubishi NX Pajero GLX
    2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4

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    Pat sounds like it might be time to extend the breathers...


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      Transmission had some in it too then huh,....I'm just curious how deep was the crossing was? Cause I have crossed quite a few and never had any enter in. Glad you caught the sludge before it was too late
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        Any advice on extending breathers please?
        Cheers, John
        Auto Electrician 35+ years
        NM but with tricky electrical setups of course.
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          far out, thats the worst colour diff oil i have ever seen.
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            This site should help.


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              I get charged $90 all up including oil and labor for changing the front and rear diff oil and transmission oil. Similar issue and I haven't had time to extend the breathers - looks like a fairly easy job (few metres of fuel hose and a couple of micro fuel line filters) so long as access to the front one isn't too restricted.
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                Breather is easy to get to but realy it shouldnt need it.

                $90 - that's a bargain given that the oils cost me nearly that much.
                2016 Mitsubishi NX Pajero GLX
                2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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