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Spare tyre inflation pressure and weight

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  • Spare tyre inflation pressure and weight

    Would there be a significant difference in weight between a spare tyre inflated to say, 12PSI as opposed to say, 36PSI ?

    I was never very good at physics, but it might make the difference in storing a second spare on the roof as opposed to in the back.


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    There Wouldn't be a significant Difference of weight between two. Try putting Helium gas in your tyres where it would be allot lighter than Normal Compressed air. I have seen some tyre shops give you the Option to Fill your tyres up with Helium, But it does cost you extra

    So putting your spare on the roof with 36PSI shouldn't affect it in weight differnece
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      The weight of the compressed air in the tyre will make SFA difference, compared to the weight of the rim/tyre combo.
      Cheers, John.
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        Ok so I felt like a challenge - or what ever you call it!

        Air apparently weighs in at 1.3 kg/cubic metre at sea level or 1 atmosphere pressure (14.65 psi).

        Given that "interesting"fact I calculated the volume of air in my Pajs tyres (235/85R16's) which came out at around 0.0886 cubic metres or 88.6 litres.

        Given the weight of air and the volume of one tyre I worked out that at 14psi the tyre holds just 115 grams of air. If I were to increase the pressure to 36 psi then I have crammed in a whole lot more air but the calculation says the weight of air has increased to 296 grams (an increase of 181 grams).

        So the previous answer is on the mark - it makes SFA difference.

        In fact given that 1 ml of water weighs a gram - if you drank a small glass of water befor heading off (say 250ml) you will be adding more weight to the vehicle than the extra 22 psi weighs in the tyre.

        Personally I'd be more worried about the important things like - beer tastes better out of a bottle but aluminium cans weigh less and take up less rubbish space - should I buy stubbies or cans.................

        Cheers, Lambie
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          Originally posted by Lambie View Post
          should I buy stubbies or cans.................

          Cheers, Lambie
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