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  • ASX diesel

    Hi all. I’m possibly looking at a used diesel asx. One with heated seats as my back is cactus. I wanted to ask, the diesel model doesn’t have cvt trans does it? And do they have any issues I should be aware about?
    I currently drive a 2015 Mitsubishi challenger but it’s nothing running the best so wanting to move it on. Cheers

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    It is a proper auto in the diesel, not a CVT.

    They do have some faults. Exhaust manifolds love to crack, and vent gases into the engine bay and up in to the heater intake. And the balance shaft drive assembly gets noisy, confirmed by a rattle at idle which disappears as you increase revs slightly..

    Both covered under warranty if vehicle is still young enough. If not, then the balance shaft change is expensive to swallow at around $3000

    The only drawback with ASX diesel is the DPF. This size of car is commonly used for short trips, and we regularly report to customers at service that their average speed during regen is not high enough. This causes Regen to fail and the oil level starts to creep up due to oil dilution with diesel fuel.

    So if its just as a little runabout i would personally not get the diesel.
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      Thanks for that DDDJ. I might pass on that idea and keep looking. I don’t like cars with cvt. The one I was looking at was out of warranty and it would of been my daily driver. If I can swap the chally for another car or try sell it and buy something with the same amount of money that would be good.


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