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    Having made the transission from Toyota to Mitsubishi with buying a pajero Exceed, and not regretted doing so, I want to buy a car for my wife to run around town in and long runs when needed.
    I am looking at the Outlander LS but have not found a forum that has feedback on how the vehicle's reliability is, so decieded to start my own thread and hopefully Outlander owners will take the time to give me feedback be it positive of negative.
    Are there any issues I should look for when selecting a late model vehicle?
    I only hope they have the proven service and reliability I have had with my NP Pajero Exceed.
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    Hi Bill,
    We bought a new Outlander LS in June of this year. To date, I have not found anything to dislike about it. We use it as the daily driver & trips away, when we don't need to take the Pajero.
    Our car has the 2.4L 4 cylinder motor & 6 speed CVT. It is very economical to drive, sometimes returning below 7.5L/100 km on a trip. Our worst figures have been 10L/100 km, in Melbourne traffic. I fully expect this car to be very reliable throughout the 10 year warranty which came with it. Based on the run we have had from the Pajero, I don't doubt that the Outlander will be very good.
    I believe that the V6 version is a bit more expensive & frequent in the servicing department. We already own a V6, so I figured we didn't need another one. The CVT is a strange feeling to drive, until you get used to it. I think the V6 only has the standard auto transmission, though, but maybe someone else on this site may know if that is definate. The CVT doesn't offer neck snapping performance, but unbeleivably, will out accelerate a standard auto box.
    The interior is well laid out & very functional - I like the adjust as you drive headlight aim, to compensate for load & the idea of the auto fold up rear seats is very good. You hit the switch & the seats simply fold up to the rear of the front seats, giving a lot of room in the back. There was enough room for all our gear ( 2 of us ) plus a boxed up 4 burner barbeque.
    What else can I say, except " Love That Car ".



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      Outlander LS

      Hi Matt,
      Thanks for your reply. Really good of you to do so. I like the Outlander but you don't see many on the road really. However, I have not heard a bad thing said about the 4 cylinder model. There are so many small SUV's on the market now days but the Pajero has been good to me so see no reason to go away from the Mitsubishi brand. Thought there were going to be more replies but a positive one like yours is great.
      Old age and cunning will over come youth and enthusiasm


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        Mate of mine has the LS Outlander. He has an electrical tagging buisiness that he uses the vehicle for. Recently has been commuting from Melb to Bathurst a few times. He thinks it's great and loves the fuel economy and couldn't say a bad word about it.
        Mind you his other vehicle is a Toyota Hi Lux so anything would be an improvement .
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