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'99 Challenger 7 Seat Auto status?

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  • '99 Challenger 7 Seat Auto status?

    Hello everyone... (this is not my first post)

    We have a '99 Challenger that has 7 seats... Does anyone know if Mits sold them as a genuine vehicle or if it was only a dealer fit aftermarket thing?

    Someone suggested he thought that Mits Australia did some but they didnt come from the factory like that...

    I suspect it is genuine because the floor is different in the back of mine without storage etc that i remember seeing in others... Also the trim on the third row is exactly the same...

    The car is worth bugger all anyway but i was just interested to know...

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    Hi Marty, I have all the original brochures for Challenger PA-1 and PA-2. Nothing in these suggests it was a dealer option so I am presuming it was an aftermarket fitment. I have heard of a few of your model with seven seats though.
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      Dont most of the Challengers have storage bins under the floor in the back?

      The ones ive seen did... maybe not all of them... Its just that having those storage bins would make having the extra seating near impossible...


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        I have a 6 seater after market job
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