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Cig and accessory sockets not working

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  • Cig and accessory sockets not working

    Hi all.
    I am the new owner of a 2000 PA challenger, manual. Very happy with the purchase but I am finding a number of things that have left me scratching my head, even after having spent quite a few hours browsing the forum.... so I am now asking for any thoughts on the following:

    My first issue is electrical - neither the cig lighter socket, nor the 3 accessory sockets (2 in the console, 1 in the back on the right) work.
    I have located the cig lighter fuse (#6 15A in passenger compartment) and it's solid.
    But I have not been able to locate the accessory socket fuse. Attached is a photo of it's placement (#16) but this leaves me totally confused as I cannot find where this "box" is that it supposedly hangs off the side from. In the text in one post one of the owners found the fuse holder 10 -15 cm up from the passenger compartment fuse box - but that does not compute on my challenger !

    Note - looking under the dash unnerves me as there are a multitude of wires - radio, cb, Motorola Bluetooth unit..... so I am wanting to attack this with some knowledge.....

    So 2 questions -
    1. with a good fuse, what could be the problem with the cig lighter unit? And how to approach troubleshooting this?
    2. For the 3 accessory sockets - I first need to find the fuse - has anyone been through this before and can you pinpoint where that box is that has the 15A fuse hanging off it?

    Many thanks
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    July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
    New to Off-roading on 4 wheels

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    Hi Matrid, welcome to the forum.

    Your attached pic is small & blurry - I think the forum software re-sized it. I've tweaked some settings, so try uploading it again (you might need to give it a different filename) and hopefully we'll be able to read it.

    Otherwise, your problem could be the sockets themselves. Gen 2 Pajeros (and possibly later - I don't know) have a weird socket with an extra link built into the back which appears to protect against overload - try to draw too much current through the socket (i.e. put a larger fuse into the fuse box) and they can go high resistance (rather than open circuit). It can be very confusing, because sticking a multimeter onto the centre contact inside the socket will measure 12V (no load) but as soon as any load is applied there is a lot of voltage drop across the link and the actual load receives very little voltage. Even measuring at the quik-connect terminal on the back of the socket sees 12V under load, but the centre contact inside the socket can have considerably less.

    I believe the PA Challenger uses similar sockets, as a spotlighting session in one many years ago resulted in the spotlight plug getting too hot to touch - I think we were on the limits of the design, and this "link" was responsible for generating the heat.

    Long story short, try to get to the wire on the back of the socket, and see if you have 12V there. Perhaps all your links have gone open circuit?
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      Thanks NJ
      Trying with the upload again..... with an updated anme
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      July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
      New to Off-roading on 4 wheels


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        Update: well, that was an interesting (frustrating!) afternoon, but I am getting somewhere..... and learning that I am not very savvy with electrics....

        I now have the cig lighter working - the +ve wire was disconnected. It was a very firm connection so I would be surprised if it came out unintentionally...….

        I have also found the issue with the 2 accessory sockets in the console - the +ve wire that I have traced back from the console to under the dash is not connected. It has a 20A in-line fuse - see photo. I cannot determine where this should be plugged in. There is a terminal block that it could have come from but there's no evident slot for it to connect with a "power" source.

        In the terminal block I know there is 1 "live" wire that has a 15A in-line fuse that leads back to the radio. (One of the 2 wires came out of it's slot in the block - reconnecting, it made a sound that I think relates to the radio)
        So, my question here is - can I use that same slot to pick up the power from?

        Note - There are quite a few other wires under the dash - its a mess (to me) - some of these will relate to a CB Radio and a Motorola Bluetooth hands free unit- neither of which I've figured out yet but I'll be looking into those once I've sorted this issue !

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        July 2000 PA Challenger Manual Petrol
        New to Off-roading on 4 wheels


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          Wiring Accessories

          Hi Mate,
          <disclaimer NOT an electrician> electronics stores and car part stores sells a piggyback fuse pickups that will let you pick power up from your regular fuses (sort of like a double adapter). There are pros and cons;
          Pros: Cheap, will work, not hard to pick which will be ignition fed, overall simple to use, gives your accessory its own fuse which can be a different rating to the circuit you are piggybacking from.
          Cons: Factory wiring will limit capacity, so so for example you wouldn't want something high draw like fans or demisters coupled with a power hungry accessory, the fuse you want to tap into may be blocked by the plastic molding of your fuse box or its cover, plus you can only add so many before it starts to make troubleshooting blown fuses too complicated.

          The factory wiring harness is built to be just good enough so I am always wary of adding to the demand for it.

          What I do is use one of these to trigger a relay (doesn't need much current) and run my power from the battery with the relay as the switch. Fuse goes as close to battery as you can fit it.
          There are plenty of youtube tutorials that might help too. Good luck with it


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