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  • Arkpak

    Ive been wanting a dual battery system for a while. Ive recently came across this fella at a very good price.
    From my estimate I can get a more versatile system at a lesser cost of a hard fixed battery. Does anyone have any experience with an arkpak. I like the thought of an all in one package and not having carry around separate charging and inverter components.
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    they look like a good idea, just remember you need to add the battery as well, that price is only for the box.
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      If I have read the manufacturers info correctly, they only have the ability to recharge at 6 amps per hour with no load so if you are recharging the battery in the Arkpak at the same time you are running a fridge drawing 1.5 amps you are only getting 4.5 amps pr hour of recharge. 7 hours driving time will give you 31.5 amp hours of recharge so it could take several days to full recharge a deeply discharged battery. Ok if you are on the more every day and only run a fridge and camp light overnight but if you are stationary for a few days or more you may be disappointed with the recharge time.

      cheers, old Jack.
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        OJ. Ive also noted the poor charging rate. However, the style of camping I do, I would normally connect to a solar panel next to the camper and let it charge. As a result the charging rate/time isnt som much of an issue.
        The ability to use it in a number of ways/settings is what attracts me to the system.
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          You could always install a conventional battery isolator charging system with the arkpak. Its just a matter of how much you want to spend on a battery box. They are pretty impressive
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            The way Battery World described the Arkpak was over marketed and less then what it seemed it actual capability.
            They were willing to put together a 'higher' shelf equivalent with better quality components for the same price

            I went permanent instead as it all worked out about the same when you compared box/battery (and how to charge it without 240v or solar) versus tray/isolator/battery and extra wiringand plugs
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              A mate of mine has the Arkpack. He uses it for camping over weekends and is happy with it.

              I use Thumper battery packs, they are charged of a Redarc unit. I have jumper leads that attach and have started a V8 Cruiser diesel without issue. The best part is I can use them in different cars or leave them at the camp with the second fridge. And you are not carrying the extra weight all the time.
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                I have one of the original Arkpak ($130), only 1.5 amp charger so only good for maintainence. Good thing is it will fit a 130a/h AGM battery ($300). I have added extra Anderson & accessory plugs , strapped on a $100 Ebay PSW 600watt inverter & run h/d cable to a 12v/12v ($200) Ctek charger. 100W Solar panels ($300)on roof rack feed into the Ctek so when parked at the shops or campground, or on the move the battery is always getting some charge. Beauty of it is it is removable in minutes so I do not carry the weight when not out camping & can take it out to leave with camper trailer if required. Stays in the shed on maint. charge between trips.
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                  I picked one up from Bunnings (Rocklea (Brisbane)) this week for $348; they had only 2 and they were probably discounting them because it's a most unlikely place one would look to buy something like that.

                  With a new battery fitted yesterday all I need to do now is run some tests to see how long my fridge will last with 105 A/hr capacity.


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                    I have used the ark pak with 100 amp hour battery over the past year with good results when used with 220 watt solar panel.
                    However the batter charging system it comes with is really designed to be left on all the time when not in use (240v).
                    However if you discharge the below 50% which dosnt do the battery any favors, you need i good charger to kick into life.
                    I mainly use the ark pak to charge I pads and phones almost continuously, so not a lot of load on the system, but its great for what we use it for.
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                      We have an Arkpak which we added a 60amp AGM battery to. We chose the 60amp to keep the weight down to make it sort of portable.

                      We used it to charger a laptop, phones, tablet and 2 lights at night. This does us fine and uses about 10% of the charge for a nights use.

                      I think they are great and would recommoned one although a solar charger would be required for heavy usage.
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                        Following my first post on the subject I have since purchased an arkpak and have now had it for around 6 months. So far its been a great purchase. I installed a 120AH battery and use it on camping trips which vary from tents and caravans from 2 to 8 days in length. I connect led light bars around the tent, use it to charge phones and run laptops - all at once. The arkpak comes into its own with the camping I do as it is very adaptable. I can have it the car or leave it at base camp and Im not restricted like a hard wired battery in a car. I find it very handy having everything I need in one package. I agree that I could possibly piece together a unit that has better components but Im not interested in a product that has to be plugged together every time I want to use it. So far so good. I highly recommend especially at the recent sale prices offering it for around $350.
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                          How are the Arkpak's when not in use. I mainly want a second battery, whether it be a second/dual battery setup or an Arkpak as a portable option to mainly run a fridge and blow up a mattress. When they aren't being used is it a matter of keeping them plugged into home power or whats best storage practice for them?


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                            I dont keep mine plugged in. Apparently the smart charger is designed to be kept plugged in and keeps the battery at a constant voltage. Instead I plug it in every month for a week. In my thinking this is almost as good. In regards to portability, the arkpak is great. As per my previous post Ive used it in a variety of ways and can easily haul it around from car to tent to camper trailer etc.
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