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Black Smoke, Steering Squeak - fixes

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  • Black Smoke, Steering Squeak - fixes

    First 12 month service for the silver slug, the problems mentioned above were attended to. In order, caused by a contaminated air flow meter/sensor, remedy was to clean. Caused by the steering shaft chaffing on the firewall boot, remedy was to use some rubber grease on the contact points.

    Must say the truck went better on the drive home, it accelerated more willingly with less need for big accelerator movements. Service advisor said that the black smoke problem was rare but that they were aware of the usual fix. Might be something worth checking by the DIY'ers if the dreaded black cloud visits.
    Richard.......MY12 silver base model auto rear driver tow truck and shopping trolley. Bilsteins, Firestone rear air bags, HR towbar, Scangauge II and aftermarket reverse camera/GPS navigation unit. SOLD

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