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DP chip. Is it worth it?

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  • DP chip. Is it worth it?

    Is a DP chip worth it ? Who hs one and what's your thoughts?
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    Originally posted by garycromp View Post
    Is a DP chip worth it ? Who hs one and what's your thoughts?
    I have a "chip it" chip in mine and it wasn't until I took it out recently that I noticed how gutless it felt without it. Mine is tuned for torque and doesn't really go any faster, but pulls with load a lot easier. The economy improved as well. It's back in now.
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      I've got a DP Chip in mine (MY12 LS Manual) and am quote impressed with the power it provides, especially when towing. It doesn't do much for the lack of power below 2,000rpm, but once above that I need to lift my foot off the pedal as to power comes on.

      Quick and easy to install as it goes inline with the fuel rail and I stuck the unit up behind the battery.

      Would I buy one again? Not sure. I like the power and the drivability of the car, but if I was to do it again, I'd like to try out a Steinbauer. A bit more to install, but it works by modifying the injector timing rather than just boosting the fuel pressure.

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