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Oil leakage from filler cap /top end

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    Originally posted by fester View Post
    I doubt that even bothers them, .....
    If that dealer did not sell a single vehicle for a month I think they would have a much better customer focus.

    Once again, you’re spot-on! Unfortunately, expensive yet dismal servicing seems endemic across the brands. I suspect it’s just a long-held industry wide contempt for customers. Considering China’s buying more of our coloured rocks than Thailand, if Haval can get its servicing sorted (a big task), I’ll be happy to buy Chinese rather than Japanese next time. Can their servicing be any worse than what I’ve had to put up with recently?

    21 Jun 15

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      Originally posted by Tone13 View Post
      Hi all,

      Opened the bonnet yesterday for the first time in a few months (and since last service) and have noticed a fair bit of oil around the top end of the engine. Seems to be a fair bit that looks like it has come out from the filler cap but also a little the looks like it's coming from the gasket (?).

      Now if the oil was only coming from the gasket I would think that it was just a gasket problem but the fact that it also seems to be coming out from the filler cap is leading me to assume that there is an oil pressure issue or that it was way overfilled last service (?).

      Car is going to he dealer tomorrow so I'll see what they say bit just wanted some opinions.

      Pics attached.
      Hi Tone,

      Did you ever work out the problem here? Was it just over-filled oil?

      I have a very similar looking problem with my Paj. Would be relieved to hear it's just over-filled!.



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        My gasket kit for tappet adjustment includes a new gasket for the 710 filler cap.

        What condition is your gasket in?

        Restriction in the PCV system (pcv valve stuck, hose blocked or kinked, catch can restriction if fitted) would force oil vapour out of the top of the engine.

        The round seals at the head of each injector would be another possibility. They're only pushed into the recess in the rocker cover and putting the cover back on over the injectors could disturb them.

        I noted when I first did tappet adjustment myself that the previous eggspert had pried the seals out of the rocker cover . . . and REUSED them (damaged). Best pleased I was not.
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